Mirik is a small but very beautiful resort of Darjeeling

Mirik, a small resort in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, is situated at an altitude of five thousand feet above sea level. The breathtaking view of terraced tea gardens, orchards of fragrant tufted oranges, the calm waters of the lake, the gusts of wind filtering through tall dense trees provide a perfect opportunity to any tourist to get acquainted with nature. Tourists visiting Darjeeling must visit this place.
Mirik Lake- It is a natural lake. The bridge built on it is a beautiful example of engineering proficiency. The shade of this one-and-a-half kilometer long lake is made on seeing the moonlight at night. The depth of this lake ranges from 3 feet to 27 feet. The lake has boating facilities and also fishing. Tourists are stunned to see the beautiful Saloni fishes of Mirik Lake.

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Boating can be enjoyed anytime between 10 am to 4 pm. The banks of Mirik Lake are full of skyscrapers. Their beauty captivates the mind. There are also many paths to go from the middle of these dense trees to the top of the mountain. On the other side of the bridge near Mirik Lake, after about 10 minutes climbing the height, a group of six-seven small temples is seen. This place is known as ‘Devi Sthan’. Being surrounded by dense trees all around, its beauty increases even more.
tea garden- There are also several tea gardens in the Mirik region. The nearest tea garden and the most famous tea garden from here is Thurbo Tea Garden.
Ramitedara- It is an important view point of Mirik. People start gathering here from early morning to watch the sunrise. Watching the sunset from here also has a different fun of its own. From Ramitedara you can see the beautiful and captivating views of the hills and plains. You can also reach Ramitedara on foot, although there is also a vehicle arrangement to reach here from near the lake.
Orange Plantation- While going from Siliguri to Mirik, some orange trees can be seen everywhere on the way. But the orange orchards are four kilometers away from Mirik. Orange is cultivated on a large scale in the Mirik region. Orange business is the main source of livelihood for all the people of the villages there. The employees of the orange plantation and the local villagers welcome the tourists who come here.
Apart from the above mentioned places, you can also visit Devsidara View Point, Raidap Picnic Place, Mirik Monastery etc. A beautiful green flat plain near Mirik Lake is also visible in Mirik. Such a field is rare in a mountain resort. There is a very nice market on the border of Nepal, some distance from Mirik. Foreign goods can also be purchased from here.
How to reach- Mirik is well connected by road to the cities of Darjeeling, Kharsiang, Siliguri etc. Rail and bus services are available from different parts of the country to reach Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri.

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Where to stay- There is a good arrangement of accommodation and food in Mirik. There are tourist lodges, tourist cottages, tourist tents, dak bungalows and youth hostels, as well as the number of hotels is also good.
When to go- Mirik can be visited in any season except the rainy months. Here the maximum temperature in summer is 29 degree centigrade and in winter the maximum temperature is 14 degree centigrade. If you go here in the winter season, do not take thick woolen clothes and blankets etc. with you because all the hotels here have good arrangements for them.

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