MP Lalan Singh will be the new national president of JDU! Nitish Kumar can take a big decision in the meeting

Patna: Is the National President of JDU going to change? Is Nitish Kumar going to hand over the command of his party from the hands of RCP to someone else? In fact, such discussions have been floating in the political corridors of the state since RCP Singh, a very close leader of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, became the Union Minister. There are discussions that Lalan Singh can be handed over the command of the party. At the same time, there is a possibility of a change in the state leadership. Well, how much truth is there in these speculations, it will become clear in tomorrow’s meeting.

Electing the new president’s main objective 

what Nitish Kumar says will happen

RCP has been made Union Minister

Political journey of Lalan Singh

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