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Mushroom recipe:

Today let’s make everyone’s favorite mushroom tikka recipe but let’s not stop at that. Mushroom recipes are a favorite for all people.

Before that let’s take a look at the ingredients which are needed for the mushroom recipe.



Yogurt or curds

Garam masala

Ginger and garlic paste

Red chili powder


Turmeric powder

Chart masala powder

Juice of lemon

Salt as required

Vegetable Oil



STEP 1:Mushroom recipes

 Let’s make mushroom tikka masala like I said to make mushroom tikka masala. The first step is to make mushroom tikka so let’s begin with that like for all tickles it’s a standard recipe.


Let’s first begin with yogurt or curds to this to make it nice thick. So that the marination kind of wraps around the mushroom. Add in roasted gram flour time to add in spices the first one is garam masala along with this ginger and garlic paste, red chili powder.


You can use a chili that gives you nice color and flavor. Just a touch of turmeric powder to make it nice and tangy. Next, add chat masala powder to elevate the flavor adding in the juice of a lemon.

STEP 4:Mushroom recipes

like I said it’s a standard tikka marination nothing different. The only difference that I’m doing here is instead of using mustard oil I’m using regular vegetable oil. Finally, salt, as required, goes with less salt the reason is that mushroom has a lot of water with the leaching of water mushroom.


These are button mushrooms that are washed and dried. Ensure that there’s no water on the mushrooms to give this a good mix. Allow the mushrooms to marinate for somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes.


It’s been 15 minutes and the mushrooms are well marinated. Let’s cook these now well if you have a tandoor or an electric Thunder in the house by all means use it. What I’m doing is making an absolutely home-style and cooking it in a pan heat some oil in a pan.

STEP 7:Mushroom recipes

But what I’m doing is with the oil I’m also adding in a dollop of butter for that extra added flavor. Let’s transfer the mushrooms one note of caution at this stage. That the mushrooms need to be cooked at all given points in time on high flame.


So that the water leaching is at its minimum the mushrooms are roughly ¾ cooked and that’s exactly how we want them. Let’s keep them aside.



Cumin seeds

Bay leaf

Sliced onions


Ginger and garlic paste

Green chili


Mushroom recipes:

Start with making the masala for this. Heat a pan and let’s begin with some butter. The first thing that goes in is some cumin seeds and following this up. Put some bay leaf with this sliced onions we need to cook the onions till they kind of just translucent.

To just hasten up the process add in some salt and mix this well time to add in some ginger and garlic paste. Cook this roughly for a minute once that happens add in a green chili roughly broken.

Powder spices: red chili powder, garam masala, turmeric powder, chopped tomatoes

 Some powder spices let’s first begin with red chili powder followed by just a touch of garam masala and again a touch of turmeric powder mix this well. Let’s add in the chopped tomatoes for the tikka masala to be nice and creamy.

Instead of adding cream or yogurt, you can add some broken cashews. To make it soft add half a cup of water and finally salt as well. Allow the sauté on high flame mix it well cover this and continue the same way for at least 10 to 12 minutes.

 Let’s check for the masala which is getting cooked. The tomatoes have turn nice and soft and so have the cashews at this point in time turn the flame off. Allow this to cool down at least to room temperature.

The next step is grinding:

This into a soft smooth paste let’s discard the bay leaves before grinding it. Do not add in the water at this stage because you may or may not require water. Well, it’s become nice and small and exactly the way we wanted. Let’s turn the flame on and hit the same pan in which we had made the masala earlier.

Mushroom recipes:

To that let’s add in just a touch of oil once the oil heats up. The next thing that goes in of course is the ground spice mix time to add in some water. Allow this to cook on a medium flame for some around 10 minutes.

Till this becomes nice smooth and aromatic. It’s been somewhere around 10 minutes and if you notice the oil has started releasing the sides of the pan. This is the time then we add in the mushroom tikka.

Mushroom recipes:

That you made earlier give this a nice mix and allow the mushroom tikka to poach in this masala for a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes. While doing this let’s also add in just a little bit of coriander but this mushroom tikka masala is done and ready.

Finally, a sprinkling of coriander enjoys this with naan roti of my all-time favorite.

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