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Mutton recipes:

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So friends, today I am going to share mutton recipes with you to make white mutton curry or korma. This is a very tasty and very easy recipe. If you organize a party or function at home or try to give some fun to the housemates. This recipe will be made very quickly and will be about fun.

To make white mutton korma, we have to first marinate the mutton.


500gm mutton

Salt as per taste

Yogurt 1/2 cup 

1 tbsp ginger paste 

1 tbsp garlic paste

White or black pepper powder 1and 1/2 tsp

1 tsp of kasoori methi 


So, to marinate we have to mix all the ingredients in the mutton well with the mutton. If you have time then marinate it for 3 to 4 minutes. And if you do not have time at all, then you can cook it immediately.




Melon seeds


2 green chilies

Fresh cream or Malia 

Bay leave


4 to 5 clove 

1-inch cinnamon sticks

8 to 9 peppercorn 

4 green cardamoms

1 black cardamom


STEP 1:Mutton recipes 

First of all, we have to make dry fruits and prepare a fan paste by putting the cream in a jar. Then put a pressure cooker on the flame and put about 1/2 cup of oil in it.

STEP 2:mutton sukka

When the oil becomes hot, now put garam masala and one bay leave and put green chilies in seven. Will sauté it lightly.

STEP 3:Mutton recipes 

Now add the onions in it and we have to cook the onion here for 1and 1/2 minutes. Here, do not change the color of the onion, just soften it lightly.

STEP 4:mutton fry

We have white mutton korma cooking here, so do not let the onion color change. Now we have to add the mutton that has been marinated in it. We have to cook it for 7 to 8 minutes until it is cooked with ginger and garlic and mutton.

STEP 5:Mutton recipes 

After that add half a cup of water in it because we just have to melt the mutton. Now we will put the lid and a whistle came in the higher flame until it is cooked well. When the whistle blows, slow the flame.

STEP 6:mutton fry

So now after a whistle, we have to open it and see if the mutton has melted. If you want to fry the mutton now, you can fry it now. We have to add dry fruits paste and fry it with a paste of dry fruits for a while.

STEP 7:mutton curry recipe

When the mutton is roasted well then adds cream in it. Slow down the gas flame and mix it well. Now, to make its gravy, we have to add 1 and a half cups of water in it to make it thick.

STEP 8:Mutton recipes 

If you want, you can dilute it a little more. We have to this for again 4-5 min by covering the pressure cockers with its lid.

STEP 9:mutton curry recipe

When the oil appears on the surface, understand that your white mutton korma is ready. If you find its consistency thick, then you can dilute it further by adding water.

STEP 10:Mutton recipes

If you add water to it, remember that if you add cold water in it, then the gravy test will be spoiled. Put green coriander over it and turn off the flame of gas. So, friends, white mutton korma is ready and you can do a survey in the bowl.

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