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Mutton rogan josh:

Hey, today I am going to share a beautiful recipe that is traditional restaurant-style Mutton rogan josh. Russia although Kashmiri mutton Rogan Josh is something with the Kashmiri cook with great passion. We have a recipe with all shapes across the world that have kind of tempered the way.

I am sharing it today is one of the best restaurant recipes and here is the beautiful recipe.





Bay leaf

1 kg of sliced onions

Mutton 1 kg


garlic paste 1 tablespoon

ginger paste 1 tablespoon

Salt as per taste

fennel powder half a teaspoon

Kashmir chili powder

ginger powder half a teaspoon

yogurt 1/2 a cup


step 1:Mutton rogan josh

First, put a pan on the flame and add the Oil. Now the oil is hot we’ve got some whole spices cinnamon clubs, five to six clubs. Big cardamom, bay leaf two of them all into this oil is nice and hot. Add onions equal quantity of onions if you are using 1 kg of mutton you need to use 1 kg of sliced onions. That’s a very important part of the recipe and you need to brown these onions.

step 2:

The onions are now made were to Brown in keep stirring in between. So that they get evenly colored and you need to be watchful onions need to be just golden brown and not be brow. If they are browned more than what is required you get a burnt flavor. So golden brown is the color and you need to keep stirring continuously to get that color also uniformly. It’s also very important that when you do dishes like this and you want the onions to be brown.

step 3:Mutton rogan josh

The onions need to be sliced finely and when it is sliced finely which means you need to have a good sharp knife. When the onions are nice and chest prompts the color that I require and at this point in time the onions are nice and sweet. So we need to quickly add ginger-garlic paste. The garlic paste 1 tablespoon and the ginger paste 1 tablespoon of this.

step 4:

To this add mutton and cook for some time for about two to three minutes till the time it’s evenly colored. Then you need to add some water and cook until the mutton is nice and soft. In the restaurant-style mutton Rogan josh that I do,

I keep it plain and simple very less spices. The gravy needs to be nice and rich instead of water you could add the stock.

step 5:Mutton rogan josh

You know the stock could be of Trotters or chicken bones now the mutton as if you see is now little brown. Now add some water enough to cook the mutton at this point in time. Add some salt also taste as much as you require to give a gentle stir.

step 6:

What do you need to do is cover and cook until the mutton is soft which is almost more than 80% of the mutton scoop. Then you add the rest of the ingredients. So it will take up to 20 – 25 mins to cook. Mutton would be just about done that’s the time you need to add the rest of the spices. So let us now check the mutton Oh nice color the brown onions I have given a good color to the gravy.

step 7:Mutton rogan josh

The mutton is almost there now so let us have the spices I keep it very simple. I use Kashmiri chili powder and add water before adding it to the gravy directly. I never added directly because you know psychically it said all the oils get blended with the water. There are a few chili powders in India that add a lot of colors but they are not spicy. Hot one of them is Kashmiri chili powder.

step 8:

The other one that I know is made get chili does not add too much of spice but adds a lot of colors. Here, of course, it’s the gravy that is getting cooked but if you were to add the chilies directly they would get burnt. Very important to mix it with little water and that’s the trick into the Rogan Josh. I’ve got some fennel powder half a teaspoon I’ve also got some ginger powder half a teaspoon.

step 9:

The ginger powder mixes this up thoroughly you can see the nice red color that’s coming that’s come through the red chili. Some brisk yogurt 1/2 a cup of RISP yogurt I do not add tomatoes at all in my grave.

step 10:Mutton rogan josh

So let’s cook this for 10 more minutes for the gravy to be nice and thick. Now after the 10 minutes of cooking along with the yogurt and spices mutton is now ready to be served.

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