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Scene 1
Lucky and Rani come home. Satya looks at Iravati and thinks she is up to something. Satya asks Dolly to take them to the guest room and leaves. Rupa says why was Kahani behaving like that? Rani says she must be shocked to see us. Yug hugs them and says your sister is not feeling well.

Satya knocks on the basement door and asks Kahani who are the kids like kittens? They just came here. Kahani cries and says they must be my Lucky and Rani. Please take me out, I want to meet them. Satya sees Iravati coming there and goes from there. Kahani is crying to let her meet Lucky and Rani. Iravati is stunned to hear that. She thinks how does she know they are here? Satya thinks I hope she doesn’t take my name.

Yug brings toys for Lucky and Rani. Rani says what happened to didi? Lucky says she didn’t even hug us. Yug says your sister must be planning a surprise for you both.

Iravati comes to Dolly and says you look happy to see Patanga but Kahani didn’t care about her siblings. Dolly says she has changed after seeing money. Rupa asks her to leave and tells Iravati to not bad-mouth Kahani. Iravati says I just felt pity for those innocent kids.

Iravati sits with Ronak. He says you look happy today. Rupa comes there with Kahani. Yug is there with Lucky and Rani. Satya tells the kids that I am sorry for not meeting you both earlier nicely. I have a gift for Lucky. She calls a Lung specialist and says he has come to meet Lucky. Rupa says that’s the best gift. Iravati glares at her.

Iravati is in her room and says how did this Satya get saved again? Satya comes there and says I can’t lose when it comes to acting. You shouldn’t be so angry at this age. Iravati says who told you about Lucky and Rani? Satya says everyone kept shouting their names. Iravati says how did you know about Lucky’s illness? Satya says I am not blind, I could see his cylinder. What will you do now to trap me? Will you try to make me stumble? Iravati throws water at her and says you need to cool your passion. Satya says this water will make my fire burn more, you look more illiterate than me. Don’t challenge me to take you on.

Yug comes to Kahani and says why are you wet? She says I spilled some water. Yug says our doctor checked Lucky’s file and he is weak. He needs a lung transplant, we will have to find a donor but don’t worry. I will handle everything.

The doctor tells Yug and Satya that we need to do a lung transplant for Lucky. Satya asks what will be the expense? The doctor says Yug requested to not disclose it. He will manage it. He leaves. Yug tells Satya to not worry about money, just focus on Lucky. Iravati hears that.

Satya comes to the basement door. Kahani asks her to come inside. Satya says why? Are you giving sweets? Kahani says you think I would grab you and tie you here? You still don’t trust me? I am your sister. Satya says stop thinking like Bollywood movies. Kahani asks how are Lucky and Rani? Satya says your kittens are cute. I have some news. She tells her that Iravati heard you crying to meet Lucky and Rani. She is very smart. Kahani says take me out fast before she can do anything. Satya says I have promised you so just wait for the right time. The good news is that I talked to a very doctor about Lucky’s treatment. Kahani says what treatment? Satya says it’s some lung transplant, don’t worry, your Yug will handle everything, you are lucky to have a partner like him. Kahani smiles and says I know. Satya says you are so lucky to get Yug and now me. Kahani laughs. Satya says I am leaving now. Kahani thanks her.

Iravati tells Saroj that what Gunjan did has made me upset. Saroj says you should talk to Kahani yourself. Satya comes there so Yug tells her that she wants to say something. Iravati tells Satya that I want to help you with Lucky’s transplant. Dr. Ravi sits at the city hospital so we can get Lucky checked with him. Satya thinks my mom is admitted there, she is playing a game. Iravati says give me a chance to help you Kahani. Rupa says why wouldn’t she accept this offer as it’s for Lucky’s benefit. Yug thanks Iravati. Iravati says let’s prepare to go to the hospital. Satya thinks what if my mom sees me there and opens her mouth.

Gunjan tells Iravati if their plan will work? Iravati says Satya’s mother will recognize her and then she will be trapped. Don’t worry. Rupa comes there and says what worry? Iravati says I am just worried about Lucky’s health. Rupa says you have a big heart. Rupa tells Gunjan that you need to understand that Yug belongs to Kahani.

Satya hugs Lucky’s shirt and thinks I know how painful a poor childhood can be, I want to do something for these kids but I want to meet my mom too. She would cry if she sees me at the hospital. Yug comes there and says don’t worry about Lucky’s transplant. Satya’s wipes her tears. Yug says let’s go to the hospital. He calls Lucky and Rani to make her smile. They hug her. Satya smiles genuinely.

Satya brings a big cake to the lounge. Yug says the doctor thinks Lucky can become healthy so Satya wants to celebrate with everyone. Satya says where are Iravati and Gunjan? Dadi says just start your party. Satya says I knew Iravati wouldn’t be part of my happiness. Saroj says don’t worry, Iravati will come, she arranged for the doctor too. Satya says I will bring juice for everyone. She goes and mixes sleeping pills in the juice glasses. She says the family would go to sleep then I will visit my mom and tell her the plan. Nobody would find out and I will be back here before they wake up.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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