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Abul kalam azad:

Today in this post we are going to know about NATIONAL EDUCATION DAY. This is celebrated every year on the 11 of November and this a very important day for our country. Because of this, we celebrate the birth anniversary of MOULANA ABDUL KALAM AZAD.

The first education minister of independent India who served from 15 august 1947 until 2 Feb 1948. Nation education of India is celebrated on the occasion to celebrate his contribution to Indian education.

Now the ministry of human affairs, human resource development on 11 Sep 2008 announced. That ministry has decided that to celebrate the birthday of this great son of India. By recalling his contribution to the calls of education in India.

11 November:

Nov 11 every year from 2008 onwards will be celebrated as NATIONAL EDUCATION DAY without declaring it a holiday. Not to declare holiday is a great purpose that severs their interest on this great occasion.

However, since it been a holiday on Sunday. Anyhow on another day, it would be celebrating on all the schools and colleges with a lot of enthusiasm. Participations from school children and also the teachers as well.

National Education Day:

There are many activities on this national education day. These institutions and all the levels of the country will celebrate it as a day through seminars, essay writing, through electrician competition, workshops, and rallies, etc….  

Education is the only way we can bring India out of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and many other events. Education is one such tool in the hands of people. Especially those who are already empower to share this medium of communication, a medium of empowerment with the people who are not well to do.

People who are not to do who are not empower. Now it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone in our country should be educated.

Education Day:

The right to education act has already given this as fundamental to every citizen to get this education free of cost. The objective of celebrating national education day should be to strengthen our education institution. To race the quality of education to greater heights.

 It should be on occasion to remember Maulana Azad School’s contribution in laying the foundation of the education system in independent India. 

So on the day on people were involves in the field of education. Should come together to seek ways to advance India’s prestige in the world. As the knowledge society, focus on how to educate our people.

Education today is not of a great standard special in India. Because most people even after getting good qualifications, good degrees, are not able to get jobs because they are not skilled.

The quality of education in India has to be improve to know that the Primary secondary and higher level. This is and they should be the primary focus of government empowerment.

The first education minister of India:

Now let’s talk about a little about Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. He was an Indian scholar and senior Muslim leader of Indian Congress, Indian National Congress. The Indian Independence movement, he became the first minister of education in the Indian government.

He is commonly remember as Maulana Azad a word Maulana is the honor of our master. And has adopted Azad free as betne. His contribution to the establishment Education Foundation is India is recognize by celebrating his birthday as a national education day.

Abdul kalam azad:

As a young man azad used to post poetry in Urdu as well a lot of theories relating to publishing was critical to British Raj. Disposing of the cause of national movement.

Azad became the leader of the Khilafat movement which he came to closest contact with Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. Azad became an enthusiastic supporter of Gandhi’s idea of nonviolent civil disobedience. And work to organize the non-cooperation Movement in protest of the 1999 roulette act.

Azad committed himself to Gandhi’s ideas including promoting Swedish Products and the cause of Swaraj in 1923. At the age of 35, he became the youngest person to serve as the President of the Indian National Congress. 

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