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Hi, guys in this post today I’m going to share my DIY Neem oil there’ll recipes such as neem oil for hair and hair growth. Because everyone has a very common problem of hair fall. you know guys hair fall occurs due to many reasons like dandruff. When dandruff occurs in the scalp it makes the hair weak. so this is the major problem for everyone. NEEM OIL FOR HAIR.

To overcome this problem I am going to share a very common home remedy of neem oil. Neem has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory activity. 

If we take neem oil outside in shops its cost is 350rs/- 


So to begin with I’m using my parachute coconut oil. This is 100% pure coconut oil and I’m taking 500ml bottle. If you whatever is available in your country you can use that brand for wet. For me, I use parachute coconut oil.

 Next, I am using my fenugreek seeds. I’m taking 4 to 5 tablespoon of fenugreek seed. Mixed them in the grinder and made a fine powder out of it. so that it will be easier for me to mix in the oil. 

 This thing is optional you can take mustard oil if you have dry hair. Take these neem leaves these are the fresh ones. Wash them in the water and kept them aside for a few minutes. so that the water can actually dry off. So basically neem tree is native to India. The neem tree is also known as MARGOSA TREE in English.

In ancient Vedas, neem has been used in India for thousands of years. It is extremely effective in many Ayurvedic medicines. For this, it is used as a disease in fighting properties. Every part of neem trees such as branches, leaves, bark, fruit, flower, and roots are extremely beneficial. 

So that’s the reason keep the branches of the neem the which I have bought them keeping aside. leaf on one side and keeping the branches as well. Now I have my leaves on one side and the branches on the other side. 


Take a pan and in the medium heat, add  500ml of parachute coconut oil. As we all know coconut oil is really beneficial in penetrating hair growth. It really helps in moisturizing your hair and it also helps in hair fall.

Whenever you are making any DIY hair recipe. Make sure the oil that you’re using it a hundred percent. Nothing is added like the fragrance or anything should not be added in it.

So next, add fenugreek seed powder that created into the oil. This is in the medium heat. Fenugreek seeds are really beneficial for falling hair problems. It really penetrates hair growth and it’s really helpful in growing new hair. Also fighting against the hair fall problems that we have.

 I also have dry hair so NEEM like the fenugreek seeds can really help me in that case as well. Next, add neem leaves and cut the branches into small pieces. So that it will be easier to mix it in the oil.

The next set the timing in this hair oil. Because I really want to see how much time it takes to get ready. Make sure to mix the oil in between and flip the leaves here and there. Check if the neem oils ready. 

Just take a leaf and try to bake it into two pieces. If it breaks into two-piece that’s means neem oil is ready. We turn a little of a greenish color and keep aside or at the room temperature. To let it cool down and it took me 9 minutes and 27 seconds. 

To prepare this oil and for storing this oil. Make sure you take a glass bottle. Because in a glass bottle it will increase durability.  It will last longer you can use this neem oil for three months in a glass bottle. 

Make sure the glass bottle is free from any water and free from any dust. Strain the bottle using a strainer and keep this for the next three months. Apply once in a week on your hair to see better results.

You can also add mustard oil in it because I have dry hair so I use one part of mustard oil. Other is basically your neem oil. That you are using and mix all the ingredients together and to keep it in the room temperature. Use it on your hair.


 So let’s talk about some of the benefits of applying neem oil on your hair. It promotes hair growth. Neem oil is considered the perfect solution for people suffering from hair loss. It can counter many different effects of hair thinning.

Caused due to medication, pollution, stress, and more. So in my case, it is due to pollution and stress I guess. It can promote hair growth and even improve hair quality. It also helps in removing split ends. Which can reduce hair growth they can even make your hair unmanageable and bushy. 

Neem oil can offer good moisturization and repair damaged hair cuticle. This makes your hair manageable condition drier undernourished hair. Neem oil contains many several fatty acids that nourish and condition the scalp and hair.

 Its moisturizing effect vitalize and restore, dry under nourished or rough hair to a smooth silky texture. It also helps in dandruff and itchy scalp. I do not have dandruff but I do have an itchy scalp. So neem oil is effective in many a human of fungal air effects. 

Which can cause dandruff neem oil will take care of everything as long as antifungal properties. it also has anti-inflammatory properties. This can help in reducing the redness and self scalp irritation keeps your hair healthy. 


Using neem oil regularly on your scalp will regulate scalp natural oil.  Also, work to normalize oily and dry scalp conditions it helps in taming series. As we all know monsoon season is around the corner. So neem oil is the perfect solution for frizzy and rough hair.

 This will give your hair a good shine to your hair. Neem oil acts as the best hair moisturizing product and makes have them hydrated and smooth. Daily application of neem oil can lead to healthy hair and scalp. You should massage neem oil daily on your scalp at night. In the morning wash it off with a high-quality shampoo.

Hope you guys have come to know about the benefits of neem oil for hair by reading this post.

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