Omelette sandwich in pan Bread omelette sandwich

Omelets sandwich

Hello, friends today I am making an omelets sandwich. And as the name suggests it’s a really very easy quick and simple recipe. One of our family’s favorite and really perfect to cook. When you want to cook something quick and yet very filling.


One egg

A little bit of red pepper

green pepper chopped

Green chili little bit

Salt to taste

2 whole-wheat bread slices

A little ketchup

Cream cheese


Olive oil

Chaat masala

A little bit of red chili powder

Some chopped or sliced onion



some butter


STEP 1: Omelets sandwich

So start with a process in a bowl over here you go to crack one egg or break juanique good and now just break this up. And today here you think poop now if you which for bread omelet and was very new to this and cookie in you had your spoon and you got.


 For using lava spoke to beat the egg and today here you have used for to beat the egg and in that, you go to add a little bit of red pepper diced red Pepper, green pepper chopped, green chili little bit, and salt, and pepper and again with this and this mixture is ready.

STEP 3: Omelets sandwich

 To go whisking before you cook our omelet you’ll get you to bread ready. So here you have 2 whole wheat bread slices, and you go to spray a little ketchup, over both slices.


Now using ketchup is purely optional you can substitute this. With my own aids or cream cheese spread any spirit that you like. But the sketch up is our family favorite.

STEP 5: Omelets sandwich

Go to use this today now you’ll go ahead and make omelet alright so over here the pan is heated over medium-high heat. You have to crest it with the little bit you vegetable eyes now you can use olive oil or water whatever you like.

STEP 6: Omelets sandwich

And you know this pan looks a little bit colder but you don’t know this one is your favorite when you cook an omelet and you’ll pour in this egg mixture. And you’ll sprinkle over a little bit of red chili powder, chaat masala, and allow it to cook okay.


That looks good basically I don’t like to overcook this for me you go to flip this over and allow it to cook alright. So here this omelet is cooked now you go turn off the heat and you’ll cut this into small pieces. So that it gets split into our bread slice like that and you go to place all these pieces of omelet overall ratios all right.

STEP 8: Omelets sandwich

Now place this cooked omelet over a slice of bread now if you like you can also add some chopped or sliced onion, tomatoes over this omelet. But you go to adjust this one okay and the slice of cheese over this cooked omelet again close that up.


And you go toast this up over skillet and now to toast the sandwich again you go to spread some butter over this sandwich. Just a little bit plus it over the skillet and will allow it. To cook until it gets deep golden color and it looks perfectly cooked from the other side. If you will just lift it a little bit it has got the nice golden color you will again apply a little bit further on this side spread that around. And slip the same.

STEP 10: Omelets sandwich

Now, this is cook from both sides and our omelet sandwiches are already. I’d solve this omelet sandwiches already you will cut this in half well it is so nice. And crispy let you open this up for you at that perfect that’s this omelet sandwich is already. You can have this for breakfast lunch brunch as an evening snack or for dinner it goes perfect at any time of day I hope you like my today’s post for much more quick easy and delicious recipes

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