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oneplus 5

Hey guys this is the one plus 5 and just like every Smartphone. So oneplus 5 is another phone it’s got the dual-camera system up in the top left corner. I get that but honestly.

If you look at the entire body of the phone it does resemble some other phones even more. So then this one seriously how are these not the same phone plus.

They’ve kept a lot of the design cues from the previous one plus phones from the 3 and the 3t with you know. The alert slider in the courts on the bottom in USB type-c.

oneplus 5t

It’s kind of like a Frankenstein Smartphone design pulling parts from a bunch of different places. Then again how much do you look at the back of your phone? It has to feel well more than it has to look good. This one does it’s 7 and a half millimeters thin.

It’s got all these rounded sides it’s all metal but you don’t have to look at it as much as you have to feel it. And the one plus 5 is a good feeling phone they kept that alert slider. Which I like and always got used to pretty quickly and of course?

oneplus 5g

They kept the fingerprint reader up at the front the same as last year in the year before the same size the same position.  Also, the design is kind of limited because the only colors you can get this phone in are black. And almost black which I love matte black that’s great.

oneplus 5 processor

If you want some variety you can grab skin. I highly recommend them so this does mean you’re not getting the big bezel this displays. That a lot of phones have been moving too this year and that we expected the new iPhone and the new pixel etc.

Now the dual-camera system on the back before we even get to photo quality is already pretty interesting. First of all, it’s the headlining new feature it’s on the box right twice so it’s clear what they want you to focus on no pun intended.

oneplus 5 price

It is a 16 megapixel F 1.7 primary camera with electronic image stabilization and then a 20 megapixel F 2.6 telephoto camera. As a secondary on paper that looks pretty good.  It’s the same stuff so battery here is 3300 milliamp hours so not bigger it’s 100 million powers smaller than the 3t.

The battery life is about the same alas comfortably all day thanks to the chip. The display 1080p AMOLED display this is probably the biggest downside of a phone. When you compare it to the more expensive flagships but those are all the phones.

oneplus 5 xda

That enthusiasts are also considering buying so you kind of have to note those all have 1440p displays or higher. So it’s really easy to say this is 1080p it’s a pretty good display gets bright enough has pitch-black blacks from being an AMOLED etc is good.

Then 1080p display also means performance is a plus Snapdragon 835 with the Adreno 540 and 8 gigs of ram and the storage 128gb and 6gigs of ram and the storage is 64gb. Finally the price in the market 28,999. This is the one plus 5 review.

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