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Hey, guys today I am going to share with you a healthy spinach sabzi or Palak recipes. This is a very tasty and easy recipe. Spinach or palak sabzi is easy to make and this recipe takes very little time to make.

So before starting the method let’s take a look at the ingredients which are needed for this recipe.


Oil 2 tablespoon

Mustard seeds

Cumin seeds


Chili paste

Chopped spinach leaves

Salt to test

Peanut powder


STEP 1:palak recipes

 First in a pan pour 2 tbsp of oil, once the oil is heated. Add mustard seeds, and after that cumin seeds, let them sizzle for 1 minute. Or so and then we will add our garlic, and chili paste, for this I have taken 3 to 4 garlic cloves.

STEP 2: palak dal recipe

And 2 chilies this garlic and chilies are giving a nice aroma. Now let’s add our roughly chopped spinach leaves. Today I am using organic bay spinach leaves to give it a good stir.

STEP 3: Palak recipe

You in that we will add some salt, to test again give it a quick stir and close the lid. Let it cook for five to six minutes on low heat it’s been six minutes. Let’s take our spinach is nicely cooked or it will need some more time.

STEP 4:palak recipes

Spinach is nicely cooked and it has started to lose some water now we will add our final ingredient that is peanut powder, give it a good stir shut off the gas and close the lid for two minutes it’s been two minutes.

STEP 5: palak dal recipe

 Let’s check our sabzi. Wow, the sabzi is looking good, smells with a nice aroma of garlic and spinach and your healthy spinach sabzi is ready. Serve this with some roti or Fluka you guys have to try this recipe.


Today I get your winter specialty from the North Indian homes and this is palak ka sag. Let’s understand what saag is well sag is also a winter vegetable which is made out of sirso very popular in the north.  


Palak 3 big bunches

Fenugreek leaves or methi

Red chili powder or green chilies

Turmeric powder

Garam masala




Cumin seeds



STEP 1:palak recipes

 Let’s come back to the palak 3 big bunches of palak and to accentuate the flavor and kind of bring in that touch of greens. I’m adding in fresh fenugreek leaves or methi, well this one is your regular big methi.

STEP 2:  palak dal recipe

I’m not using the small methi leaves. Here in this case to this, I’m adding in just like a touch of red chili powder, well you can also add in green chilies. But I personally feel this just kind of intensifies the flavor and makes it more rugged and natural. To this just a touch of turmeric powder, and along with this garam masala. Let’s add in a cup full of water not too much because the greens are also going to lead some water.

STEP 3:palak ka saag

Salt is one thing that you need to be very careful while making any sag. Most of the Greens have their own little content of salt especially spinach. So you need to be very careful especially while using spinach.

STEP 4:palak recipes

 The next step is to mix all of this beautifully. Well, for this one thing to note is to use a little the top of the hand blender is actually a little broader. That is going to help us mash all these vegetables.

STEP 5:palak ka saag

 Once they are cooked it is just done it’s been two whistles. Switch off the flame and just allow this to settle for five minutes or till the steam kind of subsides. After that then you open it well the steam has settled. Now let’s open this has a quick check the spinach and methi have perfectly cooked.

STEP 6: palak dal recipe

Let’s kind of mash this pressing this to the walls of the pressure band. When this mixture is just kind of beginning to mash up we need to turn the flame on. We need to add in a slurry of either Basin ka ata or makai ka ata.

STEP 7:palak recipes

This time I’m taking an example of using basen ka ata. Just to ensure that this is a lump-free need to make a slurry with cold water. Now that the slurry is lump free, let’s swirl this into the sag. Allow this to cook on medium to high flame for at least 5 to 7 minutes.

STEP 8:palak ka saag

 Mix this well and allow this sag to thicken along with the basin or the Makai ata. Let’s move this on an alternate flame and bring in a cut high or a wok. Heat the wok or the Kadai high on the high flame will also you can use a fork tadka on this stage.

STEP 9:palak ka saag

To this I’m adding in a generous amount of ghee allows us to heat. While that’s heating let’s quickly crush some cloves, of garlic. Once the ghee heats up add in the crushed garlic, to little bit along with this cumin seeds.

STEP 10:palak recipes

Swirl this well and allow the garlic to just kind of begin to turn golden brown in color. The garlic has turned golden brown in color. Let’s add in the palak ka sag isn’t that wonderful ready a quick swirl. Now for seasoning and this can be eaten with the chapati, roti, naan, makai ki roti as you can. Plz, try this recipe at your home.

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