Pappu Yadav attacked the Nitish government on the issue of illegal sand mining, said – together everyone is looting

Patna: In Bihar, the administration is taking a lot of strictness these days to stop illegal sand mining. By the way, the police have a special eye on trucks, on which sand is loaded. Since the implementation of the new rule-law in the state, the process of action is going on. The police personnel and officers who have nexus with the sand mafia are also being blamed. There is a stir in the police department. However, the game of sand mafia still continues. They are still out of reach of the police.

‘Why is there so much silence, brother?’


Two SPs and many police officers in Bihar have been suspended for giving protection to the sand mafia.

But neither the sand mafia nor its black money was confiscated. Hands were thrown on the politicians who did not extract oil from the sand and turned red. Everyone is looting together, everyone is silent. Why is there so much silence, brother!

— Pappu Yadav (@pappuyadavjapl) July 29, 2021

The two IPS fell on the

Let us tell that after the amendment in the Bihar Mineral Rules 2019, the police is taking more strict action against the sand mafia. At the same time, the police are also being blamed. Recently, the Bihar government had suspended two IPS officers Sudhir Kumar Porika and Rakesh Dubey and 16 police and administrative officers with immediate effect in the illegal sand mining case. Action was also taken against Sanjay Kumar, assistant director of the mining department. At the same time, it has been recommended to suspend the service of two mining officers by returning them to the cooperative department. Apart from this, action has also been taken against many other police officials.

Know that to crack down on illegal mining in Bihar, the cabinet has made new rules. Bihar cabinet has approved amendment in Bihar Mineral Rules 2019. After the approval of the cabinet, the new rules have come into force in the state. The government has increased the fine on illegal mining by up to 25 times. Along with this, it has also been decided to confiscate the vehicles and boats involved in illegal mining.

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