physical education class 12 physical education class 12 notes

physical education class 12:

A new chapter of class 12 physical education. Hey, guys today we gonna start with a new chapter of class 12 physical education that is planning in sports. So take out your register and start making up the notes.


So our first topic is planning. Planning is an intellectual process of thinking in advance about setting goals and developing strategies that are required to attain the goals efficiently.

physical education class 12 notes:

So basically planning it process with that this way I’m opening goal set car who say the strategy is key through achieving kurchuk there so further. These are some more definitions you can go through with any of these after that we have objectives of planning.


Objective means in good a purpose so we have 10 to 12 objectives.

The first is to have good control of overall activities. It reduces the chances of a mistake it promotes innovative ideas it provides direction towards the goal.

Planning reduces a new pressure it provides proper coordination. It enhances sport performance.

It protects existing facilities and helps in the decision making so you can go through any five or six of these objectives. After that we have various committees and responsibilities so different committees work together for the smooth conduct of the sports event.

physical education class 12 notes:

The various committees our Technical Committee is responsible for the selection of referees dirt Empire etc. Then we have a transport committee it provides facilities regarding transportation.

Next, we have reception committees they welcome the chief guest after that we have both analyzing committees. It makes the necessary arrangements for the accommodation and meals for the sportsperson.

After that we have grounded equipment it makes the necessary arrangements of equipment related. Sixth we have medical and first-aid it provides medical assistance. Then we have a public committee all the press releases and press conferences are held via this committee.

We have Finance Committee it is responsible for the budget for the event and handles the expenses. After that, we have a refreshment committee this committee is formed to provide refreshments to the participant. Let’s devise once all the various committees we had so far. So first was the technical committee which was responsible for the selection of referees and Purus etc.

physical education class 12:

Second, we had a transportation committee responsible for the transportation of sportspersons from place to the penny.

Third, we had a reception committee responsible for the selection of chief guests.

Fourth we had a boarding and lodging committee responsible for the food-related stuff.

Fifth we had a ground and equipment facility which is responsible for the arrangement of equipment.

Sixth we had medical which is responsible for the medical resistance. Six seven three have a public city committee which is responsible for the press related stuff. It we have the Finance Committee responsible for the budget plan of the tournament.

Then we have a tournament. A tournament is a competition involving a relatively large number of competitors all participating in sports or games. So basically a competition other just main competitors compete Curtin. Oh, yet Americano bar balut Hathaway pure chance.

physical education class 12:

These are some more definitions you can go through with any of these. Then we have how tournament depends on various factors.

First is the number of participating teams.

Second is the availability of grounds and equipment.

Then third we have a number of days and find available.

After that then we have the importance of tournaments.

So first importance’s source of free creation. The creation means anything done for enjoyment. Basically, it provides hampered recreation.

Second, we have social qualities a developed quality such as cooperation tolerance sympathy, etc.

Third, we have discipline the sports person learned discipline.

Fourth is learning ethical values it enables us to learn values such as honesty Fair play etc.

physical education class 12:

That is types of the tournament so we are just going overview and in the next post we are going to do it in the detail. The first type is a knockout tournament in which the team once defeated gets eliminated. So basically a girl is matching me for Team heartier. So direct Nicholls Athiya who is gay round my contest name on something.

After that, we have leaked in the leaked single tournament all participating team competitions every individual gets a single chance. Whereas in EE every individual gets another chance.

 class 12 physical education:

Third, we have a combination tournament are held. When the number of participating teams is large they are four types knockout come Knockout Lee kalmia. So our last type of Tournament as Challenge tournament this is one on one type of tournament. This one is Challenger and the other is a winner the one who wins the tournament or the match. For an example of sports like boxing tennis table tennis etc.

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