Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Khanderao gathers evidences

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao trying to open the lock. Tukoji says we got to see the safe, we can come tomorrow by making keys, come with me, before anyone comes. Khanderao says we took risk and reached here, we can’t go. He gets a pin and tries to open the lock. Kishan checks the rooms on hearing a sound. Ahilya prays for Khanderao. He opens the lock. He checks the locker. Tuko ji asks Khanderao to hurry up. Khanderao checks the papers. He gets the papers and puts lock to the locker. Kishan comes. Khanderao and Tukoji hide. Kishan enters the room and checks. Khanderao and Tukoji run away. Tukoji says no, we will go from the back door. They try to blow off the lamps. Kishan says how did the fire torches fall here, who is here. He wakes up the guards and asks them to check who has come. Kishan goes out to see. Khanderao and Tukoji come out to their friends. Khanderao shows the papers. They get glad.

They return to the palace. Khanderao shows both the documents to Ahilya. He says this one is brought from Kishan’s house, and the other is that Gunu ji showed to Malhar. Ahilya smells the papers. She says I m getting chandan mell from these papers. Tukoji smells. He says you are right. Tukoji gets a magnifier and checks the thumb impressions in both the papers.

He says both the papers are different, one is real, other is not the same. Khanderao asks then what. Tukoji says I think a different paper was made. Ahilya asks what’s wrong. Tukoji says I had a doubt when you told about chandan smell, we can see some stains on this paper, such stains are erased by chandan. She asks what stains. He says stains of blood are erased by chandan. Khanderao also checks. He says it means Kishan took Hiralal’s thumb on this by forcing him, and maybe Hiralal got injured, his blood stains got on this paper. She worries. Tukoji says yes, this would have happened, the thumb impressions are also different, Kishan did this cleverly, he thought no one will check the papers. She asks what will we do now. Khanderao says we will make Kishan admit this, we have to get justice for Hiralal.

Its morning, Khanderao and Ahilya pray. She says why are you worried when Hiralal will get justice. He says I don’t find it right, if anyone proves me wrong then… She says then we will together try to fix it. Gautama comes and says amazing Ahilya. She blesses them. She asks Ahilya to always support her husband and encourage him. She asks Khanderao not to worry when he is supporting the truth, go to darbar and do your duty. Khanderao says Dwarka will feel bad of this, I don’t want her to feel bad. She says when she learns the truth, then her complain will end, she doesn’t like wrong, remember one thing, don’t rake Gunuji’s name, you want to get justice for Hiralal, Kishan is the culprit, that’s all, its time, go now, succeed. He goes. Gautama says we will also go to darbar, its his first fight for justice, we have to see this golden moment. They pray and leave.

Sita says I m glad that you came to meet me before going to Darbar. Gunu ji says yes, there is no imp matter today, I had to see if my wife is missing me or not. She gets shy. She asks him to have kesar milk. He drinks it. He asks did your mum say anything to you. She says I know Khanderao is insulting you, mum asked me not to worry, your respect is our respect. Gunu ji thinks it will be good.

Dwarka comes and asks him to go to the darbar. She warns him and asks him to stay more alert. She says Malhar is strict about time, even then you gave him a chance to think that you are careless, don’t get late, you will lack behind, just go. Servant comes and says Malhar has called Gunu ji to the darbar. Gunu ji leaves. Sita says he had just come, he was leaving. Dwarka says its okay, he can get kesar milk later, my heart says that Khanderao won’t succeed in his try, he will miss out something then Malhar will understand that no one is dutiful than Gunu ji.

Gunu ji comes to the darbar. Everyone is waiting. He says sorry to come late. Malhar says yes, I have to send someone to call you, the matter is about your work, Khanderao wants to tell something about Hiralal’s land. Gunu ji says but there is nothing to talk about. Malhar says but Khanderao is saying there is a scope to discuss it. Gunu ji says I have shown you papers last time. Malhar says Khanderao has a proof to show us, he should get a right to present the truth. He nods to Khanderao. Gautama and Ahilya look on. Khanderao asks Tukoji to get him. Kishan is brought tied up by the guards. Gunu ji looks at Dhana ji.

Khanderao asks what’s the stains on the paper. The man says its blood stains. Malhar jails Kishan. Kishan cries and says I m not alone in this crime, others who transferred this land on my name are also the culprits.

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