Quit the habit of not eating breakfast

side-effects of abstaining from breakfast

Effects on blood sugar- If you have trained your body to skip breakfast, your blood sugar level may be affected. Eating breakfast helps to restore glycogen and stabilize insulin levels. This disclosure has been made in the Journal of Frontiers of Human Neuroscience. If you don’t replenish your sugar level first thing in the morning, you will feel agitated, irritable and tired. This is a sign that you need at least three meals a day. 

Immunity goes down- Your immunity has to pay the price of skipping breakfast regularly. Research has shown that not eating breakfast can harm your cells. In fact, the body needs regular food to maintain a healthy level of immune cells that can fight infection and improve the function of T-cells in the body. At this time we need strong immunity to be able to fight infection and ward off viral diseases.

Slows down metabolism-According to an article published in the International Journal of Obesity, eating a morning meal increases metabolism and prompts your body to burn calories throughout the day. Skipping breakfast will lead to weight gain if you do not eat in the morning, your hunger and sugar craving will be high. This means that you will be able to eat more. 

headaches and dizziness regularly- Your body needs energy for daily activities. When there is a shortage of glucose, the work of brain cells will be affected. Therefore, skipping breakfast is prone to headaches and dizziness. When this happens, consider it a sign that your body needs to eat. 

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