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In the morning Neel asks Shlok if he desires to use the bathroom, Shlok refuses but Neel mentions the performance is about to start and he might have to go in between, they both wonder where Chahat is, Neel is also worried when he sees Chahat so calls her, she mentions she went to bring gajra for good luck, Neel is amazed wondering how can the mother remember this, he mentions Dua has the best mother, Chahat leaves to find them advising Shlok to not disturb his father.

Chahat is walking when she sees Alka giving money to some people but is worried thinking who the person is, she hears a child crying so going in there sees Aanaya crying, she questions what the problem, Aanaya replies she practiced a lot but did not even get selected, she walks to leave when Chahat replies that there is winning and losing in a competition so she might win the next time, Aanaya replies it is because she and Dua cheated and gave a lot of money for the selection, she leaves the hall, Chahat thinks it is wrong as she is blaming Dua for not being selected which is wrong, she hears the judge coming out of the room advising the person to remember the name of Dua and give her full marks, she then gets a call from the patient who asks her to talk with the jeweller who sold the locket, Chahat after talking with the person is shocked and starts crying thinking that her daughter would win the competition on the basis of bribery.

Chahat reaches the hall where Neel is excited asking where was she because he was not able to find Dua, he is excited when Alka and Dua arrive, Chahat stops Dua from walking to the stage saying that her daughter would not participate because Alka has bribed the panellist, it is not fair, the judge mentions in that case Dua would not participate, Chahat requests the judge to give the chance to the competitor who was disqualified, Aanaya Mishra, the judge agrees.

Chahat rushes when Neel stops her, Chahat says that she could not bear that her daughter was participating on the basis of bribery, she herself saw Alka bribing the panellist, Neel mentions she must not worry because if he was in her position he would have done the same, Dua coming to Chahat blames she had her disqualified on the basis of a lie but Chahat tries to reason saying it is the truth and Alka indeed tried to bribe them, Dua says she is lying because of her hatred for Alka as she is nice mother then her, Neel warns her to stop misbehaving otherwise he would slap her, Dua insists if it was up to her she would not even live with Dr Chahat, she is the most bad mother because she always separates her from anyone who loves her, Alka turning Dua says that Chahat is telling the truth because she has indeed bribed them, Dua asks then what is wrong because she did it for her, Chahat warns she would talk with Alka in the house but then Dua will come with her, Ghazala coming exclaims that she cannot let it happen and why should Dua be punished for the crimes of Alka, the judge says that she is not the one to decide, Ghazala exclaims she knows a judge Aalekh, and they should talk with him.

The judge explains to Aalekh that even when Alka bribed the panellist yet Ghazala jee desires Dua participate, but she thinks it is wrong, Aalekh mentions that it is his decision but he feels why should the child be punished for the crimes of the elders, he calls Dua closer, ask if she desires to win after participating, Dua agrees, Neel however coming to her says he is her father, he orders that she would not participate in any competition, Dua starts pleading with Neel saying she has practised a lot and would surely win the first prize, Neel agrees to let her participate if she competes with Aanaya, he makes the judge promise to make Dua give the trophy if she loses.

Neel asks Dua to go and hug her mother, Dua exclaims that the one who doesnot support her what is the need to take her blessings, she leaves when Alka exclaims she would correct her clothes, Neel stops her saying everything is happening because of her and she must stay away from his daughter, he asks her to leave.

Aalkeh is with Aanaya and Dua, seeing which Neel is really angry, he is standing exclaims there would be only a single winner from them both then ask for the competition to start, Dua starts dancing along with Aanaya, they both are competition to their fullest, even the dance is really well, everyone is enjoying it, they both start turning really fast and complete it without falling. Dua in the end forgets the steps but is able to once again start while Aanaya falls to the ground. Neel stands with enjoyment.

Aalekh standing exclaims that they all believe Dua is the best dancer, so the winner is Dua Dhiani, Aalekh makes her wear the gold, Dua exclaims that everything happened because of her parents, she calls her mother and father on the stage, Chahat goes with Neel, she sits down asking Dua to come and hug her but Dua gets mad and rushes outside the hall, Dua goes to Alka who is worried for her, Dua replies she won and it would be because Alka prayed for her as she is the best mother, Chahat is not able to bear it and so leans against Neel, while Dua and Alka both hug each other.

Precap: Chahat asks what is this misses Baig, Ghazala replies it is the legal notice of the custody of Dua, Vyas je asks what is this, Ghazala shows them the video where Dua exclaims she has the worst mother, ghazala replies the judge has also seen this video and it is now up to Dua to select whom she wants to live, either her mother or Grandmother.

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