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Dua exclaims Alka is the worlds best mother, Chahat crying leans against Neel hugging him, she leaves off crying asking Neel to be with Dua, Alka asks Dua to go and change her clothes because everyone is waiting for her in the house, Neel going to Alka exclaims he knows she can take care of Dua really well but he doesnot like that his daughter learns bribery from her, he asks her to go back while he will bring Dua.

Dua is changing her clothes when Ghazala brings a lot of sweets for her saying that she has performed really well and made her proud, Ghazala exclaims that she really loves her but her mother doesnot want her to be near her, it is now time for Dua to decide who does she want to live with either her loving Grandmother or hating mother. Dua replies she cannot leave her grandmother, she leaves when Ghazala thinks now, she would take Dua away from Chahat and able to get the entire wealth of Dr Baig, she would also make her feel the same pain which she left when her Akram left her.

Chahat in the night is praying thinking that she be shown the true way, Neel standing behind exclaims she has done nothing wrong, she must be give a medal, he presents her with the medal of the best mom, she explains it is just for her heart as she is now broken, Neel replies she has done what most parents could never do but she is right as they have to correct the attitude of their children, he is sure when Dua would grow older she will understand they were right, Chahat fears if she leave them and not stay till she is older. Neel mentions Dua is just a child and both Ghazala and Alka are making her follow the wrong path. Chahat mentions that she would have broken if Neel was not with her, she hugs him seeing the medal.

In the morning Chahat brings burgers for Dua asking who likes them, she replies she doesnot know and Chahat can take them away, Chahat sits exclaiming she likes them, Alka also asks if she desires to have pizza, Chahat says that there is no need since she has brought the breakfast and would be responsible for everything that relates to Dua, Alka says that even she has left her alone while her work was completed, Chahat tries to explain it was not the case.

Neel shouts asking how she dared come into the house, Chahat and Alka both rush downstairs where Neel demands Ghazala to leave the house, she replies that she would not leave before giving Neel the letter which he must read with care, Chahat taking is shocked to read they are the custody papers of Dua.

Vyas je stands questioning on what grounds is she demanding the custody of Dua, when her parents are standing in front of her, Ghazala questions what parents is he talking about when Dua herself doesnot want to live with Chahat, she shows the video of the competition in which Dua says if it was up to her she would leave Chahat, this is why the judge after seeing the video concluded that it would eb the decision of Dua when she told him the acts which she has to suffer, they now have twenty four hours to spend with her as she would not let them come near Dua after tomorrow.

Neel in anger tears the court order, he exclaims he would throw her out of the house he is about but Chahat stops him, he insists when she exclaims this is what they desire, she asks him to look outside as Aalekh is making their video so he can show it in the court, Aalkeh asks if he should come from the front door, Neel is about to hit him but Vyas je exclaims there is no point in fighting with mud.

Aalekh entering exclaims he has got a really intelligent wife but she was not able to be a good mother as what would happen when tomorrow Dua says that she doesnot want to live with Chahat but instead desires to live with Ghazala, Chahat asks them to leave the house as Aalekh doesnot have any right to interfere in their family matters, Neel tries to calm Chahat saying that tomorrow Day would say she wants to live with them, Godamabri however exclaims she would say she will live with Ghazala as if the daughter thinks that her mother is not good then she might be right, Vyas je scolds her saying that she has not been asked for her opinion, as the entire happiness of the house is because of Chahat, Godamabri leaves in anger.

Vyas je asks Neel to talk with Dua but Neel says that he feels she would listen better to Shlok because they both are of the same age, Vyas je also agrees.

In the night Dua is searching for Tinku mian but is not able to find him, she searches everywhere but cannot find him, she then goes out to the terrace wondering where he might have gone, Shlok comes assuring he is just sleeping in the basket, Dua is relieved so tries to pick him but he stops saying Tinku mian is asleep, Shlok says that she has only known him for a week and was so worried thinking he might have gone far away, can she imagine the pain Maa would feel if she goes far away from her, Dua doesnot understand, Shlok explains Neel said they would go to a place where their will be a person in a black coat who will ask Dua if she desires to live with her mother of Grandmother.

Chahat in the room is crying wondering what would she do if Dua leaves her, she is crying when Neel comes assuring that it would not happen as Dua would say she will live with her parents, Chahat explains it cannot happen as Dua herself said a lot of times that she doesnot want to live with her and hates Chahat even when she is her mother, she would not get this punishment if she was a good mother, Neel asks why is she forgetting that they also have a son who may look simple but is really intelligent and would surely convince Dua, he asks her to come with him.

Shlok sitting with Dua tries to reason with her saying that when she was young maa was the one to take care of her, she taught her how to walk and even changed her dress which proves she loves her the most, Dua questions then why did she save him first at the Mela, Shlok replies it is because he was scared while she is strong and Maa knew this, she was fine and nothing happened to her but if she was at the swing she would have be fine, he has seen that whenever Chahat scolds her, she always starts crying when she is alone, Dua asks why does Chahat keeps scolding her if she loves her, Shlok says that it is because the parents scold to make sure the children do not follow the wrong path and grow to become the Indecent citizens.

Neel asks Chahat to see the way Shlok is convincing Dua and she is also in a state of deep thought of how she would be able to live without her mother, he assures Chahat that since she is really good then how can her children be taken from her, Chahat is still crying, he assures her everything would be fine.

Precap: Neel mentions they have already given the request to reverse their divorce, Ghazala explains they think that marriage is a game and how can the children’s upbringing be done in such an environment, the judge asks them to call Dua after he has heard both the sides, he asks Dua to reveal who she wants to spend her life wih.

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