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Qurbaan Hua 28th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vyas je explains that the lawyer would meet them in the court, he asks Alka to bring umbrella as it is raining, Vyas je asks where is Dua, Alka says she cannot with them because if Dua selects Ghazala she would not be able to bear the news, Godamabri asks her to not go as something like this would surely happen, Naveli standing asks Godambari to not speak ill if she cannot think good, Bopho promises to pray the entire day with Naveli that the custody of Dua remains with her real parents. Dua comes down but leaves without even looking at Chahat, she thinks that Dua left without even looking at her so she is sure that Dua would not select her.

Neel reaches outside with the family where Ghazala comes in the car, she asks Dua to come with her, Chahat asks what is the meaning of this, Ghazala replies Dua has such a big decision to take in the court so why should they not let her take the small decision of going to the court with her, Ghazala opening the door of the car asks Dua to see she has brought all the things which she likes, Dua is mesmerized to see them, Chahat comes and taking the hand of Dua exclaims she will go to the court with her family, Dua insists she will go with her grandmother and rushes to sit with her in the car, Ghazala sees Chahat, coming to her exclaims she can smell the happiness of winning, Ghazala leaves in her car while Chahat is tensed, Neel explains if they had scolded Dua she would have something unexpected in the court, they will talk with Dua in the court, he makes Chahat sit in the car.

Neel reaches the court where he helps Chahat out but she stumbles, she saying explains she cannot do it, Neel assures her nothing wrong would happen, but Chahat fears that something really wrong might happen, Vyas je asks her to not be worried as the love of a mother is really strong, Neel asks Chahat to not be worried, he points towards Dua who is eating ice cream, he advises her to go near her and tell her how much she loves her, Dua comes to throw the empty box but she while turning is about to fall, Chahat helps her explaining she must not be so careless, she asks Dua to hug her or the last time assuring she has not come to change her decision, Dua agrees and hugs Chahat, she even lifts her hand but before she could hug her Ghazala comes warning Dua to not listen to Chahat as it is all just an act, she hands Ghazala the cheque which is for the love which she showed Dua the last seven years, Chahat questions how can she think she can bid on her love, Ghazala replies everything has a price, Chahat questions can she bid the price for the moment when she held Dua for the first, the time when Dua walked holding her hands and all those times when Dua was ill, she would replace the bandages, Chahat explains the love of a mother is irreplaceable and they cannot snatch it from her, she throws the cheque on the face of Ghazala Baig after tearing it.

The judge asks them to proceed, the lawyer of Ghazala Baig exclaims that the children have been living in different houses for the past seven years, they both have even accepted to file for divorce. Neel says that it is true their were some differences but now they have sorted the differences and desire to live together, Vyas je exclaims even he is going to get them both married once again.

Alka is cleaning the house, she is tensed about the questions the judge would be asking Gua, she sees the pump of Dua so decides to go and give it to her as she might get an attack because of the nervousness.

The lawyer of Neel explains that his client’s have become stable and they can take care of their children, Ghazala replies even she can take care of her granddaughter, they both get in a quarrel, the judge asks them to stop questioning if they thought what Dua desires so he orders them to call her, he assures her to talk without any worry, Alka rushes inside the chambers saying that she came without saying because Dua forgot her pump and might get the attack, the judge once again asks Dua, she holding the hand explains she wants to live with Alka the rest of her life, Chahat is heartbroken thinking of how she will not be able to live with her daughter from now on, Neel tries to reason with the judge however he leaves ordering him to sit down.

Alka warns Chahat to stay away from her child, Vyas je questions how can she be so stubborn as she is a member of this family and they have given everything to her, Alka replies that a mother has to be stubborn for the sake of their child, she doesnot want anyone to come in between of her daughter especially Chahat, she asks Dua to come and leaves with her, Chahat is constantly calling Dua but she doesnot listen to her and leaves with Alka, Ghazala thinks it is nothing to worry about if she has lost the custody case as now Chahat has to fight and she will never let her win the fight.

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