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In the morning Alka promises that no one would harm her in this house, she asks if Dua remembers what she told her, Dua leaves when Neel stops her from behind asking how did she dare tell them that they should stay away from their daughter, he asks Chahat what is happening since she has always shielded every mistake of Dua so she can be the good mother in the eyes of Dua, Neel exclaims she is a deceiver, Alka explains she was the one who was deceived because they first took her property because of which her father died and even he promised to marry her but did not, if he wants to see the face of a deceiver then should look to himself, Chahat asks why is she saying wrong about her husband when she called Alka as her sister yet she took her daughter not knowing how she would be able to bear when Dua calls her Maa in the same house, Alka questions why does she think they would stay in the same house as she will take Dua today, Neel getting mad asks why does she think she would be able to take Dua from this house, he will not let her do anything, Ghazala coming from behind exclaims how can he stop a Maa from taking care of her daughter.

Neel stands saying that she would now die today, Ghazala exclaims this is why she has come with the lawyer, she asks him to see Neel is threatening to kill her, the lawyer exclaims if they try to stop Dua then would be thrown in jail.

Shlok is also trying to convince Dua to stay with them and not leave the family, Dua says that she will leave with Alka since Chahat only loves him, Shlok asks him to not think like this because Chahat also loves her, she should see that Chahat would be pleading with Ghazala to not take away Dua from this house.

Neel exclaims he is now understanding whose words Alka is speaking, he starts strangulating Ghazala, Vyas je and Chahat are forced to bring him inside, Vyas je exclaims they are instigating him and he should think what would happen to them and his wife, Chahat sits in front of Alka asking her to not separate her from her daughter she sits crying pleading that she is not separated, Vyas je also asks her to not leave and where would she live, Ghazala exclaims she can live in the house of Mr Baig, Chahat tries to explain that she should not listen to Misses Baig, mentioning this house also belongs to her where she prays and even cooks, Alka exclaims this is why her husband was throwing her out of the house, they all have used her so she has also become like them and would take Dua from this house, Godambari says that she wishes she would have taken the step which she is taking as then she would not have to work like a maid.

Ghazala asks Alka to hurry up as she cannot bear their shouts anymore, Naveli asks Dua to not leave hugging her, Vyas je also asks why is she leaving when she has a lot of lessons to learn, Neel exclaims he would make pizza for her when she doesnot like the breakfast which he makes, Alka taking her hand asks Dua to come with her, Chahat stopping them exclaims that she would not stop her if she likes to be with Alka but there is one thing, Chahat comes down with the bear saying she cannot sleep without so should take it, Alka takes it form her hand leaving with Dua, Ghazala also accompanies them while Chahat is not able to bear it, Shlok asks Dua to stop giving her a watch, explaining he also has the same watch, when she would press the button he will immediately call her.
Ghazala asks Dua to come, she sits in the car leaving while Neel and Chahat stand they’re just witnessing it, Chahat sits down crying, Neel holds her as she is not able to bear it, she is constantly weeping.

Ghazala ask Dua to come in the house explaining this is where they will live, she even asks Alka to come inside, mentioning they would be really happy in this house, she asks Dua to go and see what she has brought for her, Dua is really amazed to see the chocolates and toys so decides to give one of them to Tinku mian, Ghazala exclaims she will not have to work as there are workers while she will go to the lawyer since now Alka is responsible for all the property of Mr Baig, she must not eb worried since Ghazala will take the responsibility on her head, Ghazala leaves with a smile thinking that now her plan has fulfilled. Dua exclaims she will give one of the toys to Shlok, Alka replies to no one from that house will come as it is better for them to be alone, they are there for each other.

Chahat is working, Shlok questions Naveli why is maa working so much, Naveli replies it might be to hide the pain, Chahat hits the photo frame but catches, it Shlok coming asks her to not cry because he has prayed that Dua comes back, Neel comes asking Chahat to not cry as their lawyer has made a plan and they will get the custody of Dua because a bachelor girl cannot get the custody of a child, Godambari hears this so decides to tell Alka. Chahat asks Neel if they will get back the custody of Dua.

Godamabri informs Alka, she exclaims she knew Neel would not remain quiet, Alka asks what they should do as she doesnot want to lose Dua, Godambari advises her to get married since it is the only way and even if they file a case then nothing could happen to her, Alka agrees to go because she cannot loose Dua as after a long time she has found a relation who loves her a lot.

Alka asks Dua to wait while she would go with Godambari, Dua asks if she can also accompany her, but Godambari replies she cannot go there, she advises her to wait and enjoy herself, Dua gets bored so she decides to talk with Shlok, he doesnot answer the call which worries her.

There is someone at the door who asks her to take the delivery of the burger, she is about to open it but sees that it is a man, she gets scared so doesnot open it, he threatens her to open the door otherwise he would break it, Dua hides behind the sofa praying, the person is able to enter, Chahat also comes from behind warning him to never think of harming her daughter.

Precap: Neel tells Alka that if she loves to be a mother, then she needs to know how to take care of children as well. Alka tells Dua that they will go very far from these mean people. She will take her to Australia. She announces that she’s marrying and her husband will take her and Dua to Australia after marriage.

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