Rabri with condensed milk Homemade rabid recipe Condensed milk recipe

Rabri with condensed milk recipe

Hi, friends today in this post I’m going to share rabri with condensed milk recipe today. This recipe is very easy to make. It is made in the festival everyone loves to eat this. Let’s start the recipe to make this we need the following ingredients.


Full cream milk 1 later

Dry fruits Kaju,  almond


Condensed milk 70 -80 gm

Cardamom powder ½ tsp

How to make:

STEP 1: Rabri with condensed milk

To make the rabri with condensed milk recipe firstly you have to boil and put it on the flame and add the milk in it at high flame. Keep milk on the flame until it. Become 3/4th of the actual quantity. In between cut the dry fruits. After milk comes to 3/4th you need to put the malia (cream) that is formed to the edge of the pan.


You have to do the process until the milk becomes thick. The entire process will take near about 40 -50 min. So be patient add dry fruits take some ghee in it .after that add Kaju and some almond and peasta fry it. Till it slightly turns in to golden brown in color and you have to do the process until the milk becomes thick entire process will take near about 5min.

STEP 3: Rabri with condensed milk

And add dry flutes then after add condensed milk scrapes off the collected Malia and mix it with the milk. And after those ads the cardamom powder and mix it and cardamom powder to it and mix will to two min low flam and our  recipe are ready.


After it cools take it out from the refrigerator and garnish the recipe with the already fried Kaju, almond, and peasta.

STEP 5: Rabri with condensed milk

It is very nice to see and also a very easy recipe to make this. You know it takes hardly 1hrs to prepare this recipe.

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