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Krishna asks Radha what she wants to see repeatedly in this world. Radha says she wants to watch a small child as a child’s laugh is mesmerizing, a mother enjoys upbringing her child and remembers it forever. Krishna says a friend’s request is an oder for him. Bal Ganesh visits Devi Gauri and asks if she remembered him, munching modak. Devi Gauri gets happy seeing him and calls Mahadev, but doesn’t find him. She enjoys Ganesh’s mischiefs and then realizes it was just her imagination. She gets sad thinking she was imaging her own son’s childhood. Radha rests on Krishna’s shoulder and seeing him lost in thoughts asks what is he thinking. Krishna says a child’s memories are priceless for a mother, he realized a mother craves to watch her son and got emotional. She asks which mother. He says his aradhya Mata Parvati and she must be carving to meet Ganesh and remember his childhood again. She says she can understand Parvati’s heart as a woman, but its impossible. He says nothing is impossible for mata Parvathi and there must be a biggest reason behind it.

Nandi with Ganpret visits Mahadev. Mahadev asks their wish. Nandini says shravan mass is starting and they want him to inform their duties as they want to help him. He says he will think and distribute the duties among them, they can rest till then. They leave. Krishna walks in and greets him smilingly. Mahadev asks why is he smiling. Krishna says he smiled seeing Nandi and Ganpret smiling and says he may not find time to distribute work among Nandi and Ganpret as he may get busy with some other work. Mahadev asks why he thinks so. Krishna says he doesn’t know when some task arrives uninformed and offers to help him. Mahadev says he will if needed. Krishna leaves. Mahadev thinks what was Krishna telling about. Devi Gauri visits him and informs him about her imagination of meeting Bal Ganesh. She says its her dream. She requests to let her experience Ganesh’s bal avatar. Mahadev says its imposisble as shravan maas is coming. She insists. He realizes Krishna’s hint and suggests her to take Krishna’s help. Devi Gauri agrees and disappears. Mahadev thinks not only Krishna can do leela. Krishna thinks even Mahadev is doing leela now.

Devi Gauri visits Krishna and describing her dream about experiencing Ganesh’s bal avatar desires to experience it in real again. Krishna thinks Mahadev put his challenge on himself. Krishna says its a small issue and she needs to promise him that Mahadev will be busy in shravan maas and hence she will not disturb Mahadev. She promises. He asks to remember Gehna and he will arrive in bal avatar. She says Ganesh is on trilok yatra, it is right to call him now. He says bal Ganesh will definitely respect his mother’s wish and will definitely visit her, she needs to forget all her past memories with Bal Ganesh to create new memories. She agrees and says he knew what she needs from before. He thinks its Mahadev’s Leela.

Devi Gauri calls Ganesh. Ganesh appears and says whenever a child is hungry, mother knows about it, why did she call him now. She says she wants to request him. He says she should order him. She says whatever powers he has gained will be lost as she wants to experience his Bal Ganesh form and calm her mind. He says she gave him everything and he will not hesitate to fulfill her wish. He turns back into Bal Ganesh while gods from heaven and Krishn smile watching it and greet him. Devi Gauri happily hugs Bal Ganesh and pampers him. Ganesh says he is hungry. She says he really returned. He says he was playing behind the mountain as she ordered him not to cross the boundary. Devi Gauri thinks Krishna was right that Ganesh has grown up to become vignaharta. Ganesh asks what is she thinking. She asks what she should she prepare today. He says modak, kheer, and gives her a long list. She asks if he can finish so many things. He says he can. She goes to kitchen asking him to wait. Mahadev noticing that tells Krishna that he sought peace, but Krishna created movement. Krishna says movement will come with Ganesh’s reentry in this life.

Precap: Ganesh picks Mahadev’s trishul. Mahadev orders to keep it back. Ganesh denies. Mahadev warns that he is making him angry and warns him of dire consequences.

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