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Ragi laddu: 

Hi, friends today in this post I want to share the very tasty recipe of ragi lagoon. it is very tasty to eat and also easy to make. And to share a nice healthy Ragi laddu.


Ragi flour

a little bit of ghee

bajra flour

cardamom powder

some cashew nuts



STEP 1:Ragi laddu

This healthy laddu is with millet flour this is nothing but ragi laddu just dry roast some rocky flour in a little bit of ghee. You can make an excellent laddu and this is very very rich in iron I suggest you know to give it to your kids. And even if you have it all so it’s nice and healthy.


To start off with you go to add some ghee, and once the ghee is slightly hot you go to add the ragi flour that is a millet flour add this ragi flour, in the ghee, and let it roast I suggest you know put it in a very slow flame. And try to roast it till you get a nice aroma from your ragi flour.


So friends here you can in a very slow flame you roasting this you want an excellent flavor you don’t want you to know the raw flavor from the millet slaw so you roasting it in very slow flame this is done. Now you go to transfer this onto a plate and wherever you want to make the laddu.

STEP 4:Ragi laddu

There you can just transfer this flour and you the plain millets laddu. But if you want you can add some more of you know or a doll to this. And any other you know even wheat flour you can add even bajra flour, and you can make excellent laddu.


And now in this flour, you go to add the cardamom powder, to give an excellent flavor and you go to add some cashew nuts if you want even cashew nuts also you can make a nice powder of it.

You can roast know along with them also so what you go to do is to just put it in ding chip and crush it.  Little bit so here you crushed it a little bit and now this also you go to put it in our flour.

STEP 6:Ragi laddu

 Today you not use sugar if you want you can make this laddu. With sugar also but you know you always try to make it. With jaggery for sugar patience, it’s very good to know jaggery so instead of having every time.

You know the sugar you suggest you can just use the jaggery and make an excellent laddu. So here is the jaggery and do is just take jaggery and try to grate it. If you want you can just put it in a blender also so once you grade the mixture you go to mix it along with the flour.


So here you have the flour if you want you can grate it also but today you just adding the flour in the mixture just you can give one pulse that should be good and you need to rest the dough. Reference if it is hot and if you add the jaggery to your hot flour mixture.

Then your jaggery will melt and you cannot make laddu so always rest it. And then put it in a blender so here is the jaggery also as per sweetness you add if you need more of sweet then you can add more of jaggery. Also and to blend this now so plus here you can blend this mixture.

STEP 8:Ragi laddu

 And this has become like a crumble because you added jaggery and the flour has rested totally and now transfer this onto a plate. And you can make a lot do like this also but what happens you try to eat it.

May you know a great little bit or it may be very fragile? You go to add very little ghee. And then to make that Landis it’s still forming ill do but when you try to break it.


 Break it easily so what you go to do and you can add very little just 2 to 3 teaspoons of ghee and mix it. Now they’re going to form laddu so add little by little ghee to the little mixture and then form laddu dear friends is ready.

 Now keep pressing it you know look wise it will be a little bit you know the dark color but taste-wise it. Will be amazing this is a nice and healthy iron-rich laddu so you can keep pressing it. And you can store this laddu for at least you know 15 days.

STEP 10:Ragi laddu

You can feed your family every day 1-1 Lud – and they’ll get a nice energy-boosting laddu every day and they’ll get nice energy with one laddu in the morning and is ready just put it on a plate.

The made couple of them you know some are big some are small no problem you know whichever way you like you can make it and is ready.

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