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ras malai recipe:

Hay, friends today in this post I am going to share the very tasty sweet recipe that is rasmalai recipe. It is a very easy recipe and the requirements are given below.


1liter of milk

a curd high

a little bit of lemon juice

or vinegar 2 tablespoons



cardamom powder

pista a

kisser orange color

lemon yellow color

hundred grams of sugar

half a teaspoon of cornflour


Look at the rasmalai doesn’t that look perfect it has absorbed all the rest that is rubbery. That you made and it is very spongy and you see.

 Hey guys we are going to make a perfect halwai-style rasmalai recipe. Making rasmalai is very easy yet it’s slightly tricky but to make it easier for you enough time.

 To boil the milk we will begin the recipe. By taking a cut high into the Kadai you will add in 1liter of milk today I am using packaged milk a to stone milk of 3% fat and about 8.5% solids that is solid is not fat.

rasmalai recipe:

Now we will add it to a curd high and heat it up Please do not use full fat or whole milk of Buffalo. Today I am using three percent buffalo milk and. We will continuously stir this and get this to a boil one small tip to you if you are using full-fat milk.

 That you can do is boiling the milk then chill the milk for about 8 hours. Remove them alive from the top then are boil the milk and then make the rasgulla or rasmalai. Too much fat in the milk can change the texture of rasgulla that is the reason.

We need to use low-fat milk to curdle the milk you can use a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar. Today I am using vinegar about 2 tablespoons I am adding it to a bowl. And you will add in the same amount of normal water room temperature water to this so our vinegar-water mixture is ready.

malai in English:

 Now we will just continue stirring the milk. The milk is boiling now you will turn off the flame and let it cool down for about two minutes. While the milk is cooling down for us we will prepare the utensil so here you have a big bowl in this place a colander you can also use a soup strainer.

 If you want to on top of the colander or the soup-strainer we will place a muslin cloth you can also use cheesecloth or markin ka kapda. Today I am using the mark in kapda you can also use a napkin order to put tie if you want.

Now the milk is about hot but I can touch it usually takes about two to three minutes for the milk to come down to this temperature. We will pour in a little bit of vinegar at a time. That is the vinegar-water mixture at a time and start curling the milk just keeps stirring it.


 You can notice how the milk has separated into curdles and the way so our China is ready. We will collect it but before that, we have to cool it down immediately.

 For that we will pour some ice-cold water on top of China now China is at room temperature it is ready. To be collected we will pour it down to the colander contraption. That we made earlier I will pour some freshwater on top of it

 To get rid of the vinegar smell if you are using lemon juice you still have to do it we don’t want any lemon juice or vinegar flavor in our rasgulla. So wash it really well with some cold water now we have to start squeezing the china to get it off all that extra water for that just collect all the sides.


Then start squeezing it if you don’t squeeze. It really well what will happen is there will be a lot of moisture in China.

 That can ruin your escolhas so just start squeezing it you can also hang it for about four hours. If you have that time I am squeezing it right now using hands because I don’t want to wait for four hours.

For all the water to drain also once in a while loosen it like this and then start squeezing it again to get rid of more water China is almost done I will keep it aside for about 10 to 15 minutes in the meanwhile let’s prepare the robbery.

 The setup in this small car I will add in 500 ml of milk that is half the quantity of milk. Which we used for the res goolies while it is heating we will also add in the saffron to it.

Saffron is basically a kisser is added mostly for flavor color will be rough in using food color most halva is used low-quality fake Saffron guys use good quality ingredients guys that is the reason.

milk sweets:

 We are making it at home enough of talking I will. Next, add in the cardamom powder to this rasmalai is a recipe. Which is incomplete without cardamom powder very important it is I will also add in some nuts to it you can skip.

 The nuts if you want to I am using pista and aliments. Today now I will mix all of these for about a minute now to bring the color in our res malai. We will add a food color to this.  use kisser orange color, and lemon yellow color a little bit of both this color.

Will also get much more intense as we cook it now. We will keep studying this and bring this to a boil after getting it to a boil we will cook it for about 2 to 3 minutes.

how to make rasmalai:

 Looks good to me now I will add in the hundred grams of sugar that are about half a cup of sugar I know it’s a lot of sugar guys but trust me I will get it, sweetness, only from this sugar and not the syrup so hundred grams of sugar I will mix it.

 Really well and cook it for about four to five minutes our revenue for the rasmalai is almost ready. You can see how it is still liquidy it should be like this if it is thick then our regulars won’t absorb it so it looks perfect.

 Turn off the flame and keep it aside to make the syrup for our res gulas we will heat up a big cut high or a cooker today I am using a cut high and I will add in two cups of sugar to this two cups of sugar is about 400 grams of sugar. I will add in about 6 cups of water to this now 6 cups of water is about 1.5 liter of water.

rasmalai recipe:

 We will stir this and bring this to a boil many halwa is adding the hydro powder to the syrup to make it much wider it is not important to add while the syrup is cooking let us prepare that ras gulas.

So here I have a plate to add in the china see the texture of the channel it is dry but has very little moisture perfect to make rascal an Azureus malai if your China is not like this please don’t proceed further make it dry if it is very moist if it is very dry then add one drop of water.

rasmalai recipe:

 the chana will totally depend upon the milk quality and the China quality it usually takes about three minutes. For me sometimes it can also take about 10 minutes after about three minutes you can notice how our China has come together. and it is looking very good and smooth.

I will add in about half a teaspoon of cornflour to this right now you can also use arrowroot powder or just start mixing it and massaging it again using my palms it is very important to do it.

  Take about two to three minutes more to mix it really well my China is ready. you can notice how the texture is it is ready to be divided and made into rasgullas. Now I will divide it into ten to twelve portions. Take the one-China portion and keep it between your palms.

how to make rasmalai:

Start massaging it between your palms and then smoothen it like  you basically have to roll it between your palms I will make all the rasmalai portions like this after we cook it these will develop into large decimal eyes you can also make normal-sized decimal eye or small rasmalai

rasmalai recipe:

To make 18 to 20 decimal eyes if you make it small now let’s cook it. You can notice how the syrup is boiling right now it should boil like this. Now I will add in the rest malai portions to this I mean the China portions to this in high flame.

We will cook it for about 15 minutes and you can also cover it if you want to I mean you can cover the pan or the cooker if you want to but it is not important to keep checking these flat rasgullas after every 2 or 3 minutes.

Use very light hands to handle them you can turn them if you want to after every three or four minutes after about 15 minutes our rescue lazar ready I mean our flat rasgullas forest no lies are ready you can see how they look absolutely perfect double in size. As well as they are looking perfect in color now we will turn off the flame.

malai in English:

Let them rest in the hot setup for about five minutes after about five minutes. Take a big bowl with some ice we have to stabilize the rasgullas for that. We will just pull in the set up into the ice bowl about ten ice cubes right.

Now I will pour the set up into the ice cubes and then add the resgullas to it. The halwa is used to a syrup that is one set up for cooking the rasgullas. 

The second set up for storing them is done to stabilize it. We are doing it the same by using the only one set up for that we have used the ice cubes. To cool it down as well as to make it thinner.

rasmalai recipe:

Now we will keep the rasgullas in the ice. They will get stable and remain very spongy after about thirty minutes our flat rasgullas are ready. We will add it to the rubbery that we made earlier now to make the ras malai.  Take the flat rasgulla and press it between our fingers to get it off the excess syrup. Then add it to the rubber tea that we made earlier.

It is very simple light hands between your fingers and adds it to the revelry now before eating. The rasgullas will absorb all the rubbery. It will absorb the color to eat it after 4 hours our rasmalai is ready.

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