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Gehna rushes to kitchen thinking she will prepare tea for Bapuji. Bapuji who is with Paresh says its okay as he prepared their tea. Gehna then thinks of giving Baa’s medicine to her. Pankaj says he already give it to Baa. Gehna then walks to temple and remembering Anant’s bitter words thinks she wanted to learn car driving to surprise Anant, then how can she commit a mistake. She remembers putting a gear which instructor ordered and prays Kanhaji to help her find evidence in her favor. A news paper flies and falls on her feet. She remembers driving school pamphlet falling on her feet similarly and thinks she will find the truth from driving school. Kanak gets a call and nervously asks not to open his mouth by mistake as she is coming right now, thinks she needs to do something to him. Lawyer informs Desais that he cannot bail out Aannt as its a government holiday. Baa cries and tells Bapuji that she needs her son here right now. Bapuji asks her to calm down as they can bail him out only tomorrow. Hiral takes Baa to her room.

Gehna reaches driving school and sees a different instructor sitting in her instructor’s place, says someone else was sitting here a week ago. Instructor asks if she knows the name of her instructor. She says no. He asks how he looks and shows staff photos. She identifies one. He says this is Jagannath who was a part-time instructor here, he got money from somewhere and bought his own taxi and can be found in the nearby taxi stand. She thanks him and leaves.

In hospital room, Chetan cries seeing Hema’s condition. Kanak walks to him and sends him out to have coffee and bring one for her. Once he leaves, Kanak asks Hema to stop acting and wake up now. Hema wakes up and says she is very hungry. Kanak offers her food. Hema munching food requests to get her out of hospital. Kanak says she needs to act for a few more days as their plan is working well. Doctor enters and says its time for injection. Hema resists. Kanak says it will calm her brain and signals doctor. Doctor injects Hema and she falls asleep. Kanak thinks this is the only way to shut Hema’s mouth.

Gehna reaches taxi stand and enquiring about Jagannath gets into his taxi’s driving seat. Jagannath shouts at her to get out of his taxi. She insists to complete her training or else she will file police complaint against him. He says she can. She starts taxi. He sits next to her. She drives fast and insists him to tell who gave him money to buy taxi and what happened that day. He hesitates. She threatens to ram his taxi to a pole. He stops her and reveals a woman came to meet him a few days ago and goes into flashback where Kanak covering her face offers him 50000 rs to make an accident. Out of flashback, he reveals how he changed the gear and tricked her to make an accident. She asks if he can identify the woman. He says her face was covered, but he can identify her looking at her eyes. Gehna thinks it was a conspiracy by a woman, who was she.

Kanak starts her acting and seeing Baa, Bapuji, and Pankaj coming keeps her hand on temple lamp. Pankaj worried asks what is she doing. Kanak says she is worried for Hema. Baa pulls away her hand saying she shouldn’t punish herself seeing Hema in pain. Paresh informs that Gehna is missing. Pankaj says she must have gone somewhere to bring another trouble for their family and takes Kanak to apply ointment on her hand. Kanak thinks she burnt Baa and Gehna’s relationship by burning her own hand.

Jagannath tells Gehna that he needed money and hence did the crime and apologizes her. Gehna sees a man escaping from car accident and asks Jagannath if he saw accident that day. He says he didn’t but heard a woman shouting. She remembers the incident and thinks neither of them saw the accident and thinks if the accident never happened at all. She realizes that she didn’t ram Hema at all and instead Hema was waiting for her car. Jagannath says he told her everything, so should he go now. She insists to accompany her to police station. He denies. She shows recording of his confession and says if he doesn’t accompany her, she will send the recording to police.

Paresh calls whole family and informs them that Gehna called and asked them to reach police station. Kanak thinks what is Gehna conspiring now. They all reach police station and wait for Gehna. Inspector yells its not a sasural but police station and he cannot wait for their bahu. Gehna enters with Jagannath. Inspector asks why did she commence a meeting here. Gehna says to prove truth. Inspector says truth is that the criminal is in jail. Gehna says someone conspired against her. Jagannath noticing Kanak’s eyes thinks he has seen these eyes before.

Precap: Gehna questions a man who reveals that a woman bribed him to throw a stone at Gehna’s car. Gehna looking at Kanak tells Bapuji that the woman will be caught soon, may be she is present here.

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