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Samsung TV:

In today’s post, we’re going to check out the top five best Samsung TV or TVs in 2019. I made this list based on my personal opinion and I try to listen based on their price, quality, durability, and more. SAMSUNG SMART TV.

Number five it’s the Samsung TV nu 8500:

Samsung has been one of the market leaders in the TV category. As they’ve manufactured and assigned perfect TVs that provide tons of value for their prices.

The Samsung nu 8500 is the best-curved TV in their lineup. It has 4k resolution a good local dimming performance. That produces deep inky blacks consistently and uniformly. A wide color gamut and it’s also one of the best TVs for gaming. Thanks to its low input lag and free sync support for PC and Xbox.


The Samsung nu 8500 is truly beautiful. With its streamlined and minimal build complete with its exemplary stand and thin borders. Speaking about the stand it’s curved or arched and further up. Its neck provides excellent cable management and supports the TV pretty well.

One of my favorite design touches of this TV is its ultra-thin porter’s arches 0.39 inches. They further solidify its looks despite being a curved TV. The Samsung nu 8500 doesn’t look thick from the side even if you choose to wall mount. It while we’re on the subject it does have visa 200 by 200 mount holes for that purpose with its build quality and design.


This device has a premium quality all around. All of the major selling points of this TV are its amazing motion handling. with its lightning-quick response times with almost no trails left behind moving objects. On top of that, it features 120 frames per second motion interpolation and the black frame insertion at 60 Hertz.

For cinema fans like myself, I found out that this TV played 24 P movies without tear and amazing picture quality in both STR and HDR content. Black levels are amazing and very uniform however I notice that they weren’t as good in bright rooms. This is a TV that’s intended for entertainment mostly games and movies.

Number four it’s the Samsung TV nu 7100:

The Samsung nu 7100 may be rated by some as a budget 4k TV. But it certainly doesn’t feel like it delivering an amazing performance. This in turn translates into tremendous value for the product. It delivers an exemplary image at native 4k resolution HDR 10 plus supports a great sound.

This was surprising and smart-home compatibility to complete this truly amazing package.

Design and quality-wise:

The Samsung nu 7100 delivers class all around. It may have a plastic chassis throughout unlike premium models. However, it feels and looks the part it has an unassuming and clever look with slim bezels and beautiful feet.

That has a metallic look to them and the back of the device features charcoal ripped panel that’s rugged and durable. Also there you’ll find the connectivity ports including three HDMI ports one with ARC 2 USB ports. An Ethernet port common interface port and an optical output for high fidelity setups. It’s also worth noting that this TV comes in various sizes ranging from 40 inches to 65 inches diagonally.


This TV offers everything. That a TV should have namely 4k resolution HDR 10 plus support the normal HDR 10 and hlg support.

Spec-wise it can reproduce 98.5 percent of the srgb color gamut and registered 2.6 ratings in the tilter color accuracy tests. The Samsung nu 7100 delivered in this aspect with a two-channel 20 watt sound. It got loud and clear elevating the whole experience. Especially the bass levels that kind of richness cannot be found at that price range.

The Samsung nu 7100 offers the same smart TV functionalities as all the other Samsung TVs a tidy and clean experience that’s very user friendly.

Number three it’s the Samsung TV QN 65 Q 900 RB:

While content creators still haven’t completely wrapped their heads around at providing 4k content for everything. Samsung’s 8k resolution TVs are taking things to another level. Namely the Samsung QN 65 Q 900 RB with its native 8k resolution it’s setting new standards for lower resolution content as well.


The Samsung QN 65 Q 900 R P design-wise looks very unassuming and almost incognito. You wouldn’t expect these lies performance from it it’s very huge at 65 inches. The slim dark frame encompasses the panel of the device to provide stability for this behemoth.

Samsung has put a pair of large feet on the corners. One of my favorite features of this TV was its external one connect box. To give you great cable management without any clutter all I sauce. Overall there’s nothing flashy about the design but the quality is there all around. The manufacturer has removed everything that may distract you from the amazing picture.


First off I tested this device with 4k resolution and STR content. The new 8k AI up scalar of the company delivers a perfect picture at 4k resolution as well. It’s the best and sharpest looking picture on 4k it elevates the whole experience even on lower resolutions. There’s no jaggedness or blurring around the edges.

However, everything looks breathtaking the colors look more refined and the blacks were amazingly deep. Combined with the astonishing brightness that this TV can emit the picture is simply the best.

The only carrier to this TV is the lack of 8k content to unlock its full potential however if you can afford it you won’t be disappointed.

Number two it’s the Samsung TVQ 90:

Samsung Q 90 is the best Q LED TV from the manufacturer. Arguably one of the best q LEDs regardless of the brand. Finally, Samsung has found a way to design and manufacture an excellent Q LED TV.

Since the former TVs in the series were lackluster at best. It delivers excellent brightness great viewing angles and exceptional contrast. Let’s take a closer look at this Samsung Q. The Samsung q90 has perfected its full-array of local dimming backlight technology. This time around to deliver and accurate HDR experience with perfect contrast.

However, this has added some thickness to the TV when you compare it with its edge to let counterparts.


This TV looks attractive and will blend into any modern living room design. With its high-quality textured plastic and streamlined stand.

This 65 inch TV is about 62 millimeters thick and the thickest point and weighs in at hefty 25 points two kilograms. This means that it cannot be mounted alone and doesn’t have the one connector box feature. Other than that there are no caveats. The Samsung q 90 has utilized the Tizen OS for its Smart TV features.

It’s very convenient user-friendly and overall is extremely pleasant to use. It’s 2ta layout as one of its best tricks as it provides clean navigation through the menus and on top of that it supports popular video streaming services.


it features the ultra viewing angle technology which essentially uses. Some extra layers in the panel to eliminate leakage and provides uniform spreading. Thanks to its 500 dimming zones and 2,000 units of max brightness for blacks and contrast on this TV was perfect flawlessly delivering 4k Ultra HD content. The Samsung Q90 has hlg dynamic metadata enabled HDR 10 plus. The common HDR 10 support so you can stream HDR content perfectly at Amazon Prime video and blu-ray especially.

However other services have still not utilized the HDR 10 plus an HL g when you consider everything. The Samsung q 90 cool air TV offers the deepest inky blacks with maximum consistency and without any blooming. The detail is exemplary and the colors are still on top of the rest. If you’re a movie fan or a sports fan it’s the best q LED for your living room.

Number one it’s the Samsung TV QN 55 Q 8fn:

The Samsung QN 55 Q 8 FM is the best Samsung TV on the market and for a good set of reasons – namely. The Q LED panel, extremely bright HDR images, astonishing contrast, audio performance, and a great Smart TV system.

Many TVs bring these performances however the QN 55 Q 8 FN delivers them at a lower price point truly an amazing TV. If you’ve seen or used a Samsung cool air TV before you’ll be familiar with the design of the Samsung QN 55 Q 8fn. It sports the same aesthetics however this time around the back panel looks great as well.


It has a striped textured or ribbed finish with a dark grey color that looks attractive even from the back. At 2.3 inches and its thickest point the Samsung QN 55 Q 8 FN is slightly thicker than other premium TVs.

The metal stand is one of its most attractive parts built with aluminum and covered with plastic on top. As this allows for great cable management also on the back you’ll spot 400 by 400 VESA mount holes for wall mounting.

The connectivity port section is placed excellently on the back with a slight groove and it has tons of ports. They consist of four HDMI ports one with ARC support two USB slots. A digital audio optical connector and RF connector and an Ethernet port.


The Samsung QN 55 Q 8 FN delivers one of the best pictures that we’ve seen. Mostly thanks to the combination of the LCD technology with quantum dots. That increased brightness and colors full or a fact writing and an anti-reflective layer.

This TV also takes aid from the new processor technology that upscales and smoothes everything for the best experience. The black levels were excellent and it took full advantage of the HDR support. I was particularly impressed with the backlight consistency. This was excellent with no distinctive shadowing in the corners.

The lighting control is the best overall it managed to reproduce 99.97%. The srgb color gamut with amazing color accuracy managing a delta ii rating of 2.5. An amazing TV is definitely worth your attention.

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