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Today I am going to share 2 sandwich recipes which are a very easy recipe to make. This can be used in your children’s lunch boxes. So let’s start the 2 sandwich recipes of my favorite.

Cheese and bread is a classic combination by using these two you can whip up an ultimate sandwich. Which is everyone’s favorite a grilled cheese sandwich needs no more ingredients?


Grated mozzarella Cheese

Bread slices


Coriander leaves

2 green chilies


Cheese and bread is a classic combination by using these two you can whip up an ultimate sandwich. Which is everyone’s favorite a grilled cheese sandwich needs no more introductions?


So let’s see how to make it. The taste flavor and the texture of the sandwich Depend on the cheese. That you’re using to be two kinds of cheeses.


Today one I have taken some finely grated mozzarella. You need to use some cheese, slices so in this grated mozzarella I’m going to flavor it. A little bit I have some finely chopped onion just a little bit of coriander leaves, of basil parsley anything that you have at home.

STEP 2: south Indian breakfast recipes

You can add 2 green chilies and 1 TSP of Italian pizza seasoning. Let’s mix all these ingredients together you can make the sandwich in a griller. But to be making it on a pan so when you’re making it on a pan.

STEP 3:grilled sandwich

I’m gonna give you one tip just lightly toast the bread slices in the toaster just for a few seconds. So that you get a nicely toasted crispy sandwich so let’s assemble the sandwich. Now take your bread slices to let’s apply some butter on it let’s flip them over.


Next to place, a cheese slice let’s load it up.  With this most genomics lightly press it down let’s apply little butter on another slice of bread Keeping the butter slice up. Let’s cover the sandwich let’s do the same with the other one and these sandwiches are ready.

STEP 5: south Indian breakfast recipes

To go on a pan once the pan is nice and hot let’s place the sandwich over it. But outside facing the pan let’s cover it with a plate and place some weight over it.

STEP 6:grilled sandwich

And let this cook on low heat till one side is brown let’s check on this same way let’s cover it. Cook it on the other side as well let’s check on this again beautiful the other side needs a little more color.

STEP 7: south Indian breakfast recipes

So to let it cook for a few seconds the site is done as well let’s get it out. Let’s place this other sandwich to roast let’s get this out.

STEP 8:grilled sandwich

Cut it a grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate comfort food. Nothing satiates your hunger as this one does so do try this at home.


We’re always looking to make good snack recipes or lunchbox recipes which are very appealing to children. So today I’m going to share with you a very very simple yet delicious vegetable Mayo sandwich.

Before going to start the recipe let’s take a look at the ingredients.


Vegetables like

Green capsicum finely chopped

A piece of red capsicum finely chopped

piece of yellow capsicum finely chopped

cucumber finely chopped

one small carrot


spring onion greens


STEP 1:sandwich recipes

Let’s get started and check out the recipe for the mixed vegetable sandwich. I have taken a lot of vegetables different kinds of vegetables. Starting with a piece of green capsicum finely chopped, a piece of red capsicum finely chopped.

STEP 2: south Indian breakfast recipes

Make sure whatever the vegetables you’re using that you chop them nice and fine. A piece of yellow capsicum finely chopped, cucumber finely chopped, and one small carrot grated a little. Cabbage it’s been finely chopped, a few spring onion greens chopped.

STEP 3:sandwich recipes

If you don’t have spring onions you can use coriander leaves finely chopped to this ¼ teaspoon salt for taste. Again teaspoon chili flakes this is optional if you don’t like it spicy. You can just add pepper freshly crushed pepper.

STEP 4:veg sandwich recipes

Now add mayonnaise to the vegetables mix everything well. So if you need to add more mayonnaise you can add another teaspoon or tablespoon depending on the number of vegetables. That you have the filling should be a little creamy not too dry.

STEP 5: south Indian breakfast recipes

You can keep this aside and cut the bread slices so I’m going to give you two options to make the sandwich. So number one is gonna be just a plain sandwich just cut off the edges. If you like the edges you can keep them but if I am usually having a plain sandwich I like to have it without the edges.

STEP 6:sandwich recipes

Place the filling on one slice make sure you spread the filling across the bread slice. Now that looks good hose the sandwich and gently just press it. Gently just cut the sandwich hold it in place cut it into the desired shape are the triangles or rectangles it’s up to you amazing.

STEP 7:veg sandwich recipes

So make sure you get fresh bread while doing this. I like to use white bread but you can use brown bread here’s multigrain bread. Make another sandwich to grill this so I’m not going to cut off the edges just spread it out evenly.

STEP 8: south Indian breakfast recipes

Since when you grill the sandwich you can place a slice of cheese. Now this is optional if you don’t want to you don’t have to you can either grill the sandwich. Grill pan or if you don’t have a grill pan you can just do it on a regular pan you can just toast it take a little bit of the butter grease the pan.

STEP 9:veg sandwich recipes

Take a little bit of the butter place it on top of the bread slice just spread it out. The sandwich is done moved from the pan and you can serve it nice and hot. So there you go here this is a very simple and delicious vegetable Mayo sandwich.

STEP 10: sandwich recipes

Now if children are very fussy about eating vegetables this is a nice way to give them. I’ve used white bread but you can use brown bread or multigrain bread whatever suits you. So do try this recipe and enjoy the recipe in your home. I hope you like the recipe.

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