Science Projects For 8th Standard School Project

Science projects for 8th standard

Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss a procedure of science projects on how to make a torch with the help of a battery and pencils. This experiment of science projects actually used for 8th class students in order to an exhibition in science fairs and exhibitions this torch in the science expos.

science project for class 8:

As we all know that the school teachers assign their students in order to create something innovative. Here is an innovative idea. Where we can make a torch by our own hands by displaying it in an innovative manner in the science fair and expos.

The following below mentioned is the procedure and the apparatus that all are needed for preparing the torch using the battery and pencils.

Apparatus:-2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 battery connection wires,  gum, 1 electronic spice (mini 2 pins)


Step 1:

Take 2 pencils and sharp the pencil on both sides make sure that the sharpened part of the pencils should be equivalent in size. Now measure the length of the sharpened part of the pencil (on its edges). Then take an eraser and cut it in a square shape (into small pieces).

Step 2:

After cutting the eraser in the box shape. Now take the cut square-shaped eraser then cut it into the middle of the eraser. Make sure that in the cut area. The pencil should be inserted in the middle of the eraser in the cut area likewise cut the two spares of the eraser.

Step 3:

Take the glue and paste it in the middle of the eraser (cut area). Then insert the pencil in the cut area. Then turn the eraser and on the other edge of the eraser place. The other pencil and stick it with the help of the glue. Then keep the stickled pencils aside for some time until it will dry.

Step 4:

Then take a battery and again apply the glue on the upper part of the battery then place the pencils on the battery with the help of the glue. Let it dry to some extent now connect the connecting wires to the battery after connecting the wires to the battery.

Step 5:

Then in the cut of an eraser place an electronic spice in order to on and of the bulb. Then insert the battery connecting wires into the electronic spice. In the electronic spice, there will be holes insert that wires into the holes.

Step 6:

Make sure that connecting wires should be properly attached to the electronic spice. Now cut the edges of the wires then tie its copper strings around the pencil ( sharpen area). Tie the copper wires of the pencil and paste it with glue along with tie on both sides of the pencils.

Step 7:

In the middle of the copper, strings are been tied to the pencil. In that middle place a small bulb on both sides of the pencil with the help of a copper string. Here our procedure.

Step 8:

Now you can on and off the bulb with the help of electronics. We can use our own prepared project torch. When the darkness appears or else you can use this torch at night times. Finally, our preparation of mini torch with the help of the battery ends.

Step 9:

This experiment has been frequently used by the 8th standard students. In order to complete the assigned works by their teachers which are been given in the schools.

Step 10:

I hope all you will try this science experiment in your science fairs and science groups. You can follow this procedure for your assigned projects in your schools from your teachers.

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