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Soya chunks recipe:

If you’re a health-conscious person so our soya chunks recipe soya bean Are ought to be there on your diet. But what do you do when you have to make them tasty simple make soya fry. How I’ll show you.


soya chunks


shredded onion

some sliced garlic


green chilies finely chop


red chili powder

garam masala

chat masala

salt to taste

some lemon juice

coriander leaves



Soya chunks recipe

First I’m to start with soaking the soya chunks hot water just a little bit of salt. And let them soak for 15 minutes. Let’s keep this aside till then.


 To start sorting the masala for this heat oil, add shredded onions to cook them for a couple of minutes.


Soya chunks recipe

Next, add in some sliced garlic also some thinly julienned ginger, slick green chilies finely chop, tomatoes, also add in all the spices red chili powder, garam masala, chat masala.


The soya chunks will soften now and now drain out all the water just take a few squeezes out some water. And now in the pan, you toss them up make sure the masala is nicely coated. Salt to taste, some lemon juice, in the end, adds lots of coriander leaves.


Soya chunks recipe

This is ready. Let’s plate this when you’re bored of your usual party starters this is a good option to try out so do make this at home.

This recipe is a very easy and very tasty recipe. If you make this recipe by eating they will get confused and think it is made with kheema. so, plz do try this recipe of sayo chunks.

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