Spicy green chutney Make It

Spicy green chutney

Hello everyone today in this post I want to share the very tasty recipe of spicy green chutney. It is very tasty to eat and also easy to make the easiest and quickest check need to make and it tastes and feels different than most other Jack needs as most other chutneys. You just basically make a really fine puree while here you are going to coarsely grind them so to taste a little different. Spicy green chutney


3 green chilies

1 small tomato

4 cloves of garlic




Let’s start the recipe look at the ingredients to make this really quick check me you to go to need cilantro which is you taking 3 green chilies these are mild if you will have a spicy one then just go for the one you’ve also taken 1 small tomato, and 4 cloves of garlic.


So let’s begin with the process taking the green chilies you just go to roughly chop them up like this and add it to a mixer grinder you also go to do the same with the garlic just to roughly chop them.


And then add these to the grinder as well now you’re going to the tomato just cut the tomato and you have removed the stem of the tomato roughly chop this and put it all in over here along with the Danielle.


Now you just go cover this up and you must have added salt to this have not forgotten you not to put salt right now because if you add salt and it’s going to become very watery that is what you’re going to avoid doing you will add the salt at the very last step.

STEP 5:Spicy green chutney

So let’s put this over here it and you are goto grind it. so let’s start you might not be able to hear me but you will be able to hear how you go back and forth with the speed dial you just go to quickly have and if you need to grind it. A little bit more yes you do need to grind a tad bit more the Daniell ease let’s just help them inside and just move one or two more bits think you should be ready.

STEP 6:Spicy green chutney

And you are ready you all ready to– let’s just transfer this into a bowl you just go to transfer it into the bowl you used the same bowl to keep this cilantro you use The tuna you transferred this into a bowl. Now is the time to add a little bit of salt just a little bit and mix it. it’s nicely mixed in you see that chutney that is what you was telling you about that makes this chutney amazing.

STEP 7:Spicy green chutney

 I like this chutney with any and everything you like it peas plow right now you just go to put it on a loaf of bread or rather a slice of bread and spread it across now this is going to be pretty spicy now what do you think has to be good right all the ingredients perfect ingredients. To make this at your house.

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