The first rain of monsoon opened the poll of this city included in the smart city, water entered people’s homes

Jalaun monsoon rain: The first monsoon rain in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh has exposed the claims of Orai city included in the smart city. The cleaning system of the drains proved the claims of the municipality in the air. Many localities and markets have been submerged due to the rains. Roads are full of water, while dirty water entered the shops as well. This is the situation when lakhs of rupees were spent in the name of cleaning the drains in the month of June.

Rain water entered the houses 
After two days of torrential rains, the markets and localities of the city were submerged in a few minutes. The water of drains and drains overflowed and came on the roads. In the low-lying areas of the city, rain and drain water entered many houses. Due to waterlogging in Tulsi Nagar, people suffered a lot. No steps have been taken by the administration regarding the drainage of water. 

not hearing 
At the same time, people say that even 10 to 15 minutes of heavy rain fills with water. He is facing the same problem for 15 years. Due to potholes on the roads, it has become difficult to go by vehicles. Complained many times to the municipality and administration but no one is ready to listen to the problem.

people are worried 
Orai is a smart city and has also achieved the first status in the cleanliness campaign. But, the water entering the homes of the people seems to expose the claims of the municipality. Shopkeepers and passers-by are facing a lot of problems due to water logging. In many localities of the city, the water of the drains overflowed and spread on the roads and up to three feet of water got accumulated on the road. 

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