There is a lot for tourists to see in Jabalpur, the Tapobhoomi of Jabali Rishi.

Jabalpur, which was the capital of the Gond kings and the work place of the kings of the Kalchuri dynasty, has also been the tapobhoomi of the sage Jabali. This place was named Jabalpur after his name. While Jabalpur, the main district of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its literary and cultural activities, it is also a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world for the memorable views of Narmada flowing between marble rocks. The environment here is safe due to being surrounded by hills all around.

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Talking about sightseeing, the name of Bhedaghat comes first. The natural beauty of the Narmada Valley flowing through blue, pink and white marble rocks is amazing. The depth of Narmada flowing between hundreds of feet high marble hills is up to 100 feet. There are sightseeing spots like maze, monkey jump in the span of one hour in boating. It is said about the monkey jump that many years ago these two hills were so close that monkeys used to jump from one side to the other, but later the water erosion made a great distance between these two hills. There is also Panchvati Ghat in Bhedaghat, from where boating arrangements have been made by the Nagar Panchayat. The distance from Bhedaghat to Jabalpur is 22 kms. Tempos, buses, auto rickshaws and taxis will be easily available to reach here.
About two kilometers from Bhedaghat is the world famous Dhuandhar waterfall. When the water of Narmada falls down from very high hills, then its velocity is so fast that the water covers all around in the form of smoke, hence the name of this fall is Dhundhar Water Falls.
In Bhedaghat itself there are old temples of Chausath Yogini. The fractal sculptures of these Yoginis are a product of the period of the Kalachuri kings. The idols of 64 matrikas and yoginis in a circular temple were built by the Kalachuri kings, these yoginis and matrikas are considered to be of great importance in tantric worship. The way the artists of that time have carved these sculptures in stone, it can be called an unmatched specimen of the architecture of that period.
The ancient fort of Rani Durgavati, about ten kilometers away on Jabalpur road, is a wonderful specimen of craftsmanship, this fort was built by Raja Madan Singh Gound. This fort, built on a large stone, was used as an inspection post at that time. Built in 1100 AD, the strong walls of this fort are still there, the state government and district administration have developed it as a tourist destination.
Lamhetaghat is a site of geological importance on the banks of river Narmada. It has religious and mythological significance as well as such stones are found here which have creative qualities. This site is very important from the point of view of research for the research students of Geology. Some time ago the remains of giant dinosaurs have also been found in this area.

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Rani Durgavati Museum, established in the heart of Jabalpur city, is a collection site of important sculptures and stones from the point of view of archeology. It has been developed as a museum by collecting many sculptures and objects of archaeological importance found in the excavation.
Apart from all these places, you can also visit the martyr memorial. Jabalpur is well connected by major railways of the country. Therefore, you will not face any particular difficulty in reaching here. Yes, Jabalpur is a hot nature city. The weather here is pleasant from October to February.

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