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Tiffin recipes:

Hello everyone, today I am going to share the best Tiffin recipes with all of you. The recipe that I am going to share is  French toast roll-ups which are like a midweek treat for kids.

So come let us make every day a special day with new recipes.


Two pieces of bread

Kissan mixed fruit jam

Eggs two

1 by 4 cup of milk

some butter

some pomegranate seeds


STEP 1:Tiffin recipes 

To make French toast roll-ups, we’ll start by rolling two pieces of bread. I’ve already removed the edges of these pieces of bread and we’ll just gently roll them. So that they become thin and will be easy to roll.


Now we’ll spread some kissan mixed fruit jam on this bread. This jam will not only make the bread moist but it will also Impart a very delicious fruity sweetness to it.


So we will not have to add any extra sugar into it. One teaspoon of Jam for each slice of bread spread it nicely all over. Now very tightly roll this bread to make into a cylinder.

STEP 4:Tiffin recipes 

Both the pieces of bread are rolled nicely and now we’ll mix eggs and milk into a bowl. I’ve taken two eggs and almost 1 by 4 cup of milk. Mix it until they are nicely combined.


Now you go to heat a pan and add some butter to it. Just a little bit. Next, we’ll dip our bread rolls into the egg and milk mixture and we’ll keep this in the pan which has butter in it.

STEP 6:Tiffin recipes 

And we do the same with the other roll as well. We will fry it until they are golden brown from both sides. The French toes are nicely brown from the bottom and now we’ll just flip them to cook from the other side also.

STEP 7: 

Our French toast roll-ups are ready. And let’s take them out on a plate. Let’s put them in a tiffin box.

STEP 8:Tiffin recipes 

Toper pair these french toast with some pomegranate seeds, and some mixed nuts.  Now let’s keep our French toast roll-ups in the tiffin box.

I hope you like this recipe and do try this recipe at your home.

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