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The Episode starts with Malhar and Anupriya giving special treatment to Kalyani. Malhar presents gift to Kalyani. Kalyani is surprised to see necklace. Anupriya also presents her gift. Akshay looks at them from outside. Kya kehna song plays….Godaveri, Aao Saheb and Sarthak bring balloons and gifts for her. Kalyani pretends to be upset. They all make her have icecream. They dance surrounded her. Anupriya asks Kalyani to sleep and says we all will go and sleep. She says I forgot to give you something. She tied suraksha thread to Kalyani’s head. Kalyani asks Malhar to bring water. Malhar says water shall not be taken after having icecream, but have a little bit water. Anupriya asks Kalyani to lie down on the bed and says Malhar will be bringing water for you. Akshay aims at Kalyani. Anupriya looks at the spot light falling on Kalyani’s neck and shouts Kalyani, jumps on the bed to save her, when Akshay shoots. Anupriya faints. Kalyani ask what happened to you Aai. Malhar also comes there. Anupriya gains consciousness and gets up. Malhar sees bullet hole on the bed and shows to Kalyani. Kalyani says bullet. Anupriya says I saw red light on you and understood. Malhar says someone shot at her from outside and has escaped. Kalyani says you jumped in to save me. Anupriya says I am your mother and it is my duty to protect you and keep you happy. Kalyani says she will not leave Akshay. Anupriya says nothing happened to me, you are going to be a mother so think about this baby. Malhar gets a call from Pawar and gets shocked. He tells Kalyani that Indu gave the statement that she has two sons and she got bail till next hearing. Kalyani and Malhar get tensed.

Malhar asks how did Indu get bail, she has done many crimes. He says though I am suspended, I will find out. Kalyani comes there. Malhar asks where is she going, looking so beautiful. Kalyani asks him to move back and tells that she is fasting for ekadashi and have to go to Vittal temple too with Aao Saheb. She says we have to come home and decorate the inhouse temple too. Malhar stops her. Anupriya says Godaveri, Gungun and I will do the work and asks her to drink milk and rest. She asks her not to keep the fast. Malhar asks her to rest. They hear some noise coming and ask her to rest. Malhar goes. Anupriya asks Kalyani to finish the milk. Malhar asks what is happening here, seeing Indu there with media. Indu apologizes to Malhar and says I am apologizing for my sins. Aao Saheb comes there. Indu apologizes to her and says now my eyes are opened and I have realized my wrong doings. Anupriya says you are scared of going to jail. She says my case is going on in court and says if I rectify my mistake then I can be peaceful. Anupriya says we don’t want to listen. Media asks why you don’t want to listen and asks them to listen. Malhar asks Indu to say. Indu tells Aao Saheb that she wanted her son Akshay to enter politics and that’s why got Godaveri married to Ajinkya. She says she wants to rectify her mistake. She says she wants to get Akshay and Godaveri married and will make sure that he takes care of her well and will give her all rights of a wife. She apologizes to Godaveri and asks will you help me. She says you had loved Akshay and I want to complete your love. She says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Anupriya says we don’t want Godaveri to marry Akshay. Aao Saheb says it is the matter of her life. Anupriya asks if her life will get better with Akshay, after whatever he has done with Shilpi. Shilpi comes there and says I shall get married to Akshay. Anupriya asks how she can marry Akshay. Indu agrees and says I know that Akshay has done wrong with Shilpi. Anupriya tries to stop her. Media reporter asks Anupriya to let him give a chance. Indu smiles. They leave.

Shilpi apologizes to Anupriya and apologizes to her. She says she couldn’t lose this chance. She goes. Aao Saheb gets a call from Indu and asks Anupriya to give wallet to Indu, she is outside. Anupriya comes out and gives wallet to Indu. Indu says I know that you are upset with me and says what to do, to make you believe on us. Anupriya says she don’t believe them. Indu says you are doing the right thing and smiles. Akshay also smiles. Indu says she will take revenge on her NGO and Shilpi. She says she wanted to take revenge on Godaveri, but she got saved and Shilpi was trapped. She says she got freed even after having non bailable offence, and will be soon out of all charges. Kalyani throws water balloons on him for shooting at her and her Aai.

Anupriya tells Shilpi whatever Indu and Akshay said. Shilpi says I want a good life and asks who will marry me? Anupriya says I will search a good guy for you. Shilpi says I will marry him if he wants to marry me. Kalyani says I will talk to her. Anupriya goes. Malhar calls Kalyani and asks if she had her victim tablets. Kalyani says yes and ends the call. She tells Shilpi that she can’t say that she understand her pain and tells that…Just then she gets Malhar’s call again. Malhar asks if she had juice and asks her to drink coconut water, which he will be sending. Kalyani says if you don’t stop then I will break your head with it. Malhar says ok and ends the call. Shilpi says he loves you and cares for you so much and you are scolding him. Kalyani says it is love and asks if she don’t want someone to love her like this. Shilpi says all wishes can’t come true, she has decided.

Precap: Malhar and Kalyani promote Zee comedy factory.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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