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The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Shilpi that she talked to someone for so long after a long time. Shilpi says she had talked long with her family when she wanted to join Police academy and then her accident happened, and then she couldn’t just help herself. Kalyani says who said this, I will help you. She teaches her self defense techniques. Shilpi asks if a blind girl can shoot? Kalyani says yes and takes out Malhar’s gun and says she had kept trial bullets in it and nothing will happen with it. She says she will make a sound and asks her to aim. Shipi fires and asks if the bullet hits the aim. Kalyani says no and says she will show her other techniques. Malhar comes there. kalyani says she was teaching her self defense techniques. Malhar says Kalyani is an expert. She asks Malhar to get ready for the puja. He checks for his gun seeing the drawer open and finds it missing. Shilpi comes to meet Akshay. Malhar, Kalyani, Anupriya and Godaveri search for the gun. Shilpi tells Akshay that it is good that Anupriya refused to get you married to Godaveri. Akshay asks if she liked the first time. She says she wants to make him as her husband. He tries to get closer to her. Shilpi takes out her mobile and switches on the camera, asking him how did he take his Aai out? Akshay says Aai knew about politician secrets and she threatened them so they ordered her release. Aao Saheb says how can gun go from our house? Godaveri says Shilpi is not at home. Ajinkya says I know where is he? A fb is shown, Ajinkya asks Shilpi why she wants to marry Akshay. Shilpi says she don’t want to marry him for support, but wants to kill him. fb ends. Malhar says Shilpi took my gun. He looks for Kalyani and finds her missing. Kalyani is on the road and thinks Shilpi can’t do this. Anupriya says she must have gone to Akshay’s house behind Shilpi.

Aao Saheb does aarti, while others pray. Kalyani thinks if Shilpi kills Akshay then Aai will be blamed for training her NGO girl, and sending her to kill him. She calls Shilpi. Shilpi picks the call and says I know you came to know about my call, but I will make everything fine. Kalyani thinks to stop her. Aao Saheb does the puja. Akshay serves the drinks and comes to Shilpi, gets closer to her. Shilpi takes out the gun and aims at him. He makes her gun fall down and slaps her. She falls down near the gun and holds it. He asks her to shoot at him and says I will see, how a blind girl shoots. Shilpi shoots at his chest and he falls down. Kalyani reaches there and finds him shot. She thinks she won’t let anything happen to Aai’s NGO. She makes Shilpi get up and takes gun from her hand. Malhar checks Akshay. Kalyani asks Shilpi not to tell anyone. Malhar says he is dead. Anupriya takes the gun from her hand and says I will take blame on myself. She asks Malhar to take Kalyani home. Indu comes home and asks Akshay to get up. Reporter comes there and clicks the pictures. Indu asks what did you do with my son? Kalyani says she has shot Akshay and shows the gun, saying this is the murder weapon. Indu says I will not leave you and tries to suffocate her. Anupriya asks Indu to leave her. Indu says I will get rigorous punishment for you, else my name is not Indu Sarkar. Pawar comes there. Indu asks him to arrest Kalyani and says she has accepted her crime. Reporter says we all heard her confession. Anupriya says Pawar, I will not let you take Kalyani. Pawar says sorry and arrests Kalyani. Kalyani says I am sorry Malhar ji, I am sorry Aai. She asks Anupriya to take Shilpi home. Indu asks Akshay’s dead body to get up.

Pawar locks Kalyani in jail and says I am sorry, I never thought that I will see such a day. Kalyani says it is your duty and I am happy that your duty comes first before family. Pawar thanks her and goes. She sees Malhar and calls him. Malhar comes there and gets teary eyes. He asks why did you do this? Kalyani asks him not to cry and don’t be sad. She says if baba gets sad then baby will be sad too. Malhar asks if she thinks that this is a joke, says you confessed infront of media that you shot the gun. Kalyani asks did you think about our baby name? Malhar says no and asks if this is the time? Kalyani asks him to think of a name connecting their names. Malhar asks what happened there, tell me. Kalyani says she wants to spend time with her husband and baby. Malhar asks how would be Rani? Kalyani says you are thinking about baby girl name and asks what about the boy’s name. Malhar assures her that he will take her out anyhow and says I promise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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