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The Episode starts with Jasmin seeing a procession going to the Gurudwara. Fateh thinks of her. Jasmin goes and washes her face. Fateh and Jasmin get ready and leave for a walk. Ni mai shagan manava….plays… Jasmin joins the procession. Fateh runs on the road. Tejo wakes up. She doesn’t see Fateh in his place. She says Fateh went for jogging so early today, its 4.30am. She calls him. Jasmin sees Fateh and holds his hand to stop him. He sees her. Tejo looks for Fateh in the house. Jasmin says even you couldn’t sleep all night, me too, Lord also has the same wish that we stay together, else would we be here together at this time. He turns to go. She holds his hand and asks will you leave me and go this way.

He cries and says you left me and turned away. She says I have said sorry, don’t punish me, please. She cries and says I can’t imagine myself with anyone else, I love you a lot, please take me somewhere far from everyone, I don’t want to get married, I love you, I know you still love me a lot, your eyes are saying this clearly, you have just today, you can either end our life or start it, please don’t make me away. She hugs him. They cry. Tejo comes there looking for him. Fateh sees Tejo coming. He worries and makes Jasmin away. Jasmin sees Tejo coming. Tejo sees Fateh standing alone. Jasmin goes.

Tejo asks is everything fine, what happened. He says nothing, I came for jogging, did you also come for jogging. She says no, I didn’t find you in the room and got restless, so I came to find you. He says everything is fine. He hugs her. He asks her to go, he will come. He sees Jasmin leaving.

Its morning. Satti and everyone are doing arrangements. She asks Mami not to worry, Jasmin will get married. Jasmin gets ready. She gets angry and throws jewellery. She argues with Sweety. She says once Fateh comes… Sweety asks will Fateh come. Satti welcomes Gippy home. Jasmin says I feel Fateh will come, he lied to Tejo because of me. Sweety says Tejo will come along. Jasmin says I don’t care for anyone, my engagement will make him say everything that I want to hear. Rupy says don’t worry, Fateh and Tejowill be coming. Tejo and family come. Jasmin goes to see. Tejo says I will meet Gippy and come. Khushbeer says congrats. Satti says I m glad you have come. Gurpreet says I had to come for the children’s sake. Gippy says thanks for the gift, it wasn’t needed, where is Fateh. Tejo says he had imp work, he promised that he will come in the marriage. Jasmin gets sad. Tejo says we are here, you and Jasmin are the chief guest today, I will get Jasmin. Gippy thanks her. Tejo goes and compliments Jasmin. Khushbeer says we have to leave now. Rupy greets them. Jasmin sits with Gippy. He compliments her. He says keep passport ready, I have planned honeymoon in Switzerland. Jasmin worries and waits for Fateh. She thinks of Fateh. She makes an excuse and goes. Satti asks what happened. Jasmin says my dupatta got turn, I will change and come. She takes Sweety to her room. Mami looks on and says Jasmin will do something today. Satti says don’t doubt her, her dupatta is torn. Mami says I have to keep an eye on her, why isn’t her family seeing anything. Rupy looks on. Jasmin packs her bag. Sweety asks what are you doing. Jasmin says preparing to run. Sweety asks why did you agree for engagement then, where will you go. Jasmin says I will go to your brother’s flat for some days, you give me the keys, I have no time, I can’t get engaged to Gippy, go and tell them that I m not able to find the matching dupatta, I will leave from here, handle everything. Sweety says fine, take care. The girls dance in the function. Cutie pie….plays…. Jasmin prepares to run away. Sweety worries. Tejo asks where is Jasmin, I will go and get her.

Tejo knocks the door and asks how much time will you take, tell me if there is any problem. Jasmin says I will come in 2mins, you go, I will come. Tejo says let me come in and help. Hasmin says you go, I will come. Mami asks where is Jasmin. Tejo says she needs time, she is coming. Rupy says I m worried that your fear will turn true. Mami says Satti doesn’t listen. He says don’t worry, I will go and see. Abhiraj asks are you missing Fateh, don’t get sad. Jasmin is about to jump from the window. She hears Fateh and stops. Fateh does shayari and comes. Tejo smiles seeing him. Jasmin smiles. Rupy knocks the door and asks Jasmin when is she coming. Jasmin happily dances. She says sorry, come, we will get late. She runs happily. Fateh dances with Tejo. Khulke dulke kare pyaar….plays… Jasmin runs to see him. She dances with Gippy and Fateh. Mami looks at Jasmin.

Jasmin holds his hand and signs him. She goes. Fateh makes an excuse and goes. Mami looks for them. Fateh goes to Jasmin. They see each other and hug. Tejo is dancing happily with the family. Jasmin says you scared me, if you didn’t come, then you would have not found me here, I had prepared to run away, if I marry Gippy then…

He says I love you, see your faith has won, you always said that I can’t move on in my life, I can’t move on, your faith and love had united us once again. He hugs her. They cry.

Fateh says you are my first and last wish, but its too late now. Jasmin cuts her finger and faints down. Fateh runs to her rescue. Tejo looks on.

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