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Tejo: no he has some work so he will go now but I promise if you want to meet him you can call him

Jeet: no mumma I have met him for first time today other’s father stays with them but why can’t he stay with me

Tejo: jeet please …..if he could stay he would have na …..i am saying na you can meet him later

Fateh: I will stay with you

And he lifts jeet and looks at tejo making a please expression

Fateh: so what you want to eat tell me now we will go their first

Jeet: yehhh…..i want to eat burger

Tejo: no burger…….. no outside food for week did you forgot

Fateh: but why …..

Jeet : mum and I have rule that I can have outside food once in a week and according to it I had yesterday noodles so I can’t …………but mumma papa came after so long na…..so can I have burger …I promise I won’t eat outside food for two weeks …..

Fateh and jeet : please (making a cute little puppy face )

Tejo : okay fine

Then trio sit in a park and have food……. later jeet plays and tejo and fateh talk while looking at him

Tejo: since you got to know the truth you can meet jeet whenever you want

Fateh: but I want you guys back in my life

Tejo: that’s not possible …….you didn’t married jasmine out of guilt towards me which you say is love …….i don’t want to go through all over hardships again as at that time if it weren’t for jeet I don’t know how would I live till now …..and this time jeet will get involved too …..i don’t want my kid to go through all those things which I went

Fateh: tejo you are thinking wrong ………. I really do love you …….i just didn’t realize as jasmine kept coming in front of me making me confuse ……….at that time I started feeling for you but jasmine always came to me that she still loves me …….and it affected me which is why I got confuse about my feelings towards you …….whenever I was with you I used to not remember her but as she kept coming it disturb me maybe because she insulted my love for her in front of everyone ……….and my mistake was thinking those effect as love ………..that’s why when you asked me that I still love jasmine at the hospital I said yes but that didn’t mean I wanted to end my marriage with you ……..i just meant that I stil love her but I know she doesn’t and I really wanted to try hard to move on ………… I got clear idea of my feelings when you left me ………but why did you left without meeting once and you didn’t even come back after having jeet ………I know I did lots of bad things but I had the right to know about him

Tejo: when I asked you about that night ……you had regret in your eyes so how could you expect me to say that I am pregnant with your child ………..most importantly I never wanted you to take me or our relationship as burden nor ever said that our child was a mis…..

Fateh after hearing keeps his hand on her mouth

Fateh: don’t ….i could never think that …………nor I regretted that moment ….i had that expression because that morning I saw the pendent of jasmine which I gave to her and those thoughts made me think I had that moment with you when I didn’t realize my love for you nor was with you whole heartedly which was so wrong with you …………I just had that guilt

They have an eye lock which later gets disturb by jeet

Jeet: mumma will papa stay with us tonight

Tejo and fateh both look at each other

Fateh: yes tonight I will stay with you …

Jeet: yehhhh

The trio reach the house

Jeet: come papa I’ll show you my toys

Tejo : jeet first …

Jeet: first hand wash and change the clothes then show the toys to papa …..i know you mumma

Tejo : oh really ….go

He goes to change clothes

Tejo: fateh you also get freshen up and change ……..oh what will you wear …..

Fateh: clothes I have in my car ……since I had some work here ….i will go and bring from car

Later they had dinner

Jeet: papa you will sleep with me and mumma in our room today

Fateh: ofc……

Tejo: no he will sleep in sofa here

Fateh and jeet: why ….

Tejo: he snores

Fateh: lie I never

Tejo: he also moves a lot in bed if he kick you then …

Fateh: lie I never kicked you at least

Jeet: mumma please ….

Tejo: you go and brush your teeth first

He goes to brush his teeth

Tejo: fateh why are you insisting

Fateh: why means …..it’s my child and my wife ….why can’t I sleep with you

Tejo:  I am not your wife I gave you divorce

Fateh: oh really then why do you still put sindoor in your forehead plus you didn’t give me divorce just gave me divorce paper which I didn’t sign and by the way since when did you thought jut signing papers means the couple are divorced it has some procedure okay

Tejo : oh so u didn’t marry jasmine because of it

Fateh: tejo please don’t misinterpret and misunderstand me …..i really love you that’s why I didn’t sign …… but I hoped atleast to give me divorce you would turn up in front of me but you never came back

Tejo : when I left I didn’t want to go to my house so I went to gurudwara where I saw some ladies going to chandigarh gurudwara as they were having some pandal and needed help …….. I thought since last time I went to gurudwara so anyone can find me and I wanted some time alone ………where after few days I found I’m pregnant …..then I didn’t want to return for forever ………but my heart didn’t gave permission to not put sindoor as we are still married so …….

Fateh: I am so….

Jeet : mumma I done with my brush so please can u let papa sleep with  me …….

Tejo: alright …..i will join you guys after I am done with my work okay

Jeet :okay

He then takes fateh with him to the room …..later tejo enters the room finding both fateh and jeet sleeping in same posture she laughs with teary eyes and covers them with blanket and takes a pic of them sleeping ….she then goes to sleep when fateh unknowingly puts his hand on her hand .

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