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The Episode starts with Kartik saying poor Sirat, I was afraid for this. Sirat walks on the road and cries. Nani sees her pic and cries. The man asks Sirat does she want to die, she is walking in the middle of the road. Kartik sees Sirat and stops the car. He goes to her and asks where are you going. She says Saroj ousted me. He asks what happened. She tells everything. She says she didn’t listen to me, she made me out of Ranvir’s house. He says I have promised Ranvir, I took your responsibility, let me fulfill it, sit in the car. She refuses and goes. He asks her to stop.

Saroj cries and asks how can she do this, she looked so innocent, do you think Sirat killed Ranvir because of Kartik, or are we misunderstanding her. Chauhan says no, she killed Ranvir, she was giving him poison, she married him, but couldn’t forget her old lover, she is like her mum. He shows the news. Saroj cries. He says see what happens of Sirat when we get a proof.

Manish and everyone see the news. They get shocked. Dadi asks what’s happening. Surekha says why are they linking Kartik’s name with Sirat, Sirat paid back well for our family support and love. Everyone gets calls. Manish says we won’t answer calls until we talk to Kartik. Kartik comes home. Manish asks did you hear anything. They see Sirat at the door. Manish stops her. He says you won’t come in, try to understand, you are in sorrow, but we live in this society, we have to stay according to the society rules, did you see the rules. Kartik says we will talk later, Ranvir’s family has ousted her, she is disturbed, she doesn’t know what you are saying. Surekha says she doesn’t know anything, Sirat, come, I will show the news. Kartik asks her to stop. Sirat gets shocked seeing the news. Nani says its a lie, Sirat isn’t such. Manish says yes, but media is dragging Kartik’s name also, Sirat please leave from here. Kartik asks where will she go. Manish says I will make arrangements for her, but she can’t stay here. He says you promised you won’t involved yourself and family in any scandal. He says I won’t involve you all, but I will support her. Sirat says Kartik, I can’t stay here. He asks why. Nani says I will also go. Sirat says we will go home. Kartik says you can’t go there, Chauhan can do anything. He argues with Manish.

Manish asks what’s her relation with us, what will we tell the world. Kartik says I will see when the world questions. He holds her hand and gets her inside. Surekha argues and taunts Nani. Nani cries. Dadi asks Surekha to stop it. Dadi says Kartik, we are with Sirat in her sorrow, but if she stays here, her sorrow will get more, people will gossip more. Kartik says I won’t support wrong, let them say anything, her family left her, will we do the same. Sirat gets her hand freed from Kartik. She says I will take care of myself, you let me go. She asks Nani to come. Nani says I will get the bags. Kartik asks what happened, why are you running away, the media will get Ranvir’s reports, they will know the reason for his death, Chauhan did this, he wanted to show these pics before, I caught that photographer and stopped Chauhan, he didn’t care when Ranvir was alive, will he spare you now, we will deal with him.

Manish asks why will we deal with this. Kartik says Chauhan will not leave her. Manish says he lost his son, he will not be able to think. Kartik says he tried to get her killed. They argue. Sirat cries. She asks them to stop it. She says I free you from Ranvir’s promise, you don’t need to take my responsibility. Kartik doesn’t listen to her. Surekha says media got the medical reports, they are saying Ranvir was murdered. Chauhan asks is the work done. The man says yes. Manish asks did you say about these medical reports. Sirat says Ranvir has taught me to fight, if there is faith, then there is no need of support, please let me go Kartik. Nani says she isn’t weak, she can take care of me and herself, she is brave. Sirat and Nani leave. Police comes there. Inspector says Sirat is under arrest for Ranvir’s murder charges. She shows the arrest warrant. She says Narendernath Chauhan has filed the FIR against her. They get shocked.

The reporters ask Sirat why did she kill Ranvir. Sirat gets hit. Kartik looks on. Manish and Akhilesh stop Kartik.

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