You will be able to transfer such chats from iOS to Android on WhatsApp, this special feature may come soon

This will be the chat transfer 
WABetaInfo, which monitors WhatsApp’s updates, has shared a screenshot on social media, which shows how this feature of WhatsApp will work. According to the website, this feature can be rolled out in the name of Move chats to Android. This option will be added separately on the WhatsApp iOS platform. However, neither official statement nor any information has been revealed from the company regarding this feature. It is believed that these features are still in the testing phase.  

These users will have ease
WhatsApp users till now found it difficult to transfer chats from their iOS device to Android device, but after the introduction of this feature, the work of users will be much easier. will go. Suppose if you are running an iOS device now and are going to get an Android phone soon, then this feature is going to prove to be very useful for you. 

This feature may also be rollout
Chat transfer from iOS to Android, as well as reports of WhatsApp chats transfer feature from Android to iOS are also coming out. It is believed that in the coming time, the company can also bring a feature to transfer chats from Android to iOS devices. Although the company has not yet made any official confirmation regarding this.

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